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Thoughts on MTV 2009 Award show...

9/15/2009 7:58:19 AM permalink

Since Mania hasn't posted anything about this yet I thought I'd give it a shot.

Madonna's tribute speech to  Jackson was eloquent and done with good taste. 

The MJ tribute performance was done superbly well.

MAJOR KUDOS TO JANET to performing the hit song SCREAM with her brother. The only song the two ever recorded together. It must have been dificult for her singing it so soon after MJ"S passing.

Other than Kanye making a moron of himself on TV by interupting Taylor Swift's victory speech the show was pretty uneventful. For many fans this could be the final nail on the coffin for him. Many fans I have talked to say they are fed up with his oversized and overstuffed ego.

Britney Spears was a no-show despite tv comercials saying different. Fans were not happy.

Lady Gaga's best new artist was a no brainer and as expected she changed into wild outfits at least four or five times. Each time the outfit was wilder than the next.

Pink's highwire act really didnt do anything for me personally. though it could be seen as impressive seeing her pull something like this off while singing an entire song. Serena Williams introduction  was more interesting. (My opinion anyway.)

Beyonce gets major major KUDOS for calling Taylor Swift back up on stage so that she could have her moment and finish her victory speech.

(As a fan of Eminem) the best new artist skit provided some cheap laughs at best until the end when Cyndi Lauper makes a surprise appearance.

Our returning host didn't say anything to wild this time around but the jokes got old fast by the first 3rd of the show.

Overal I give it a B

what do you guys think?



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