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ThunderCats Producer Dishes On Series

Talks anime origins and more about the upcoming series

By Chris Beveridge     January 28, 2011
Source: MTV Splash Page

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As the week goes on, interest in the new ThunderCats series to air on Cartoon Network this year only grows as we've seen the blurry snapshot from a toy show and then Warner Bros. let loose with a very clean image that heightens the interest and adds more questions for long time fans. Continuing to get out in front of the news while still keeping things pretty close to the chest, series producer Ethan Spaulding has sat down with MTV Splash Page to answer a few questions.

Spaulding talks about how they wanted to keep things true to the original while doing just mild updates but also noting that the original was something of a super-hero show in its own way and with the direction that they're going, darkening things up a bit and telling a larger story, they've made certain changes so that it can all fit together. Spaulding also comments on the comments going on out there about the anime influence by saying, "The original show was done in Japan, and many people probably don't know that. A lot of the artists went on to be in Studio Ghibli, and worked on [Hayao] Miyazaki's first film. So "ThunderCats" does have a footprint in Japanese animation. We're kind of going back and honoring that in the new series. I was always a huge fan of the original show and I love the Japanese animation and what they can do, so we're really going back to the roots."

Spaulding's comments certainly go a long way towards showing what they're using from the original and why they've made the changes they have without doing a wholesale re-imagining that completely alienates the older fans. 

And for the sake of fun, take 76 seconds and revisit the classic opening sequence!




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jedibanner 1/28/2011 6:02:59 AM

The opening was a classis but the show itself had lower quality animation which is kind of a downer to watch it again today.

redhairs99 1/28/2011 9:44:26 AM

I think the older animation looks a heck of a lot better than the "anime" stylized version of this remake.  I'm not interested in Thundercat-Pokemon.

littlemikey979 1/28/2011 10:38:41 AM

I think the new style looks alright, its not 90's animation but its ok. Plus, they might look better once they are moving and not just a still picture. I'm excited that my son gets to watch his own version and hopefully gets a new line of toys he can play with.

Bryzarro 1/28/2011 1:22:52 PM

 @redhairs99 - Lucky for the studios they aren't making this new series for you!!  

tovuk 1/28/2011 4:01:46 PM

I am not feeling the bucklyness to Pantro, to Gurriella like for me!


shogunpimp 1/29/2011 9:00:50 AM

How much you want to bet that Lion-o sounds like a 15 year old douchebag instead of a deep-voiced leader?

MorbidMaximus 1/29/2011 10:23:56 PM

 (Sigh) I should be stoked about this & I'm gonna give it a try but being Japanimanga, I doubt I will like it. Since there isn't any anime I have ever enjoyed in the past, this will most likely be no different. They will probably sound like children with obtuse dialog. The art style can create spectacular action scenes, but falls short in every other aspect IMO. Yes the original series was made in Japan but wasn't anime (Hence its success in the USA). I've never understood why Japanese love their cartoon women having sexy mature bodies with a child's head & voice... it's a little creepy. But as a fan I will try to watch the new series with an opened mind.



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