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Tieri Talks WEAPON X One-Shots

WOLVERINE/DEADPOOL writer confirms involvement.

By ERIC J. MOREELS     October 01, 2001
Source: Cinescape's X-Fan

© 2001 Marvel

Current WOLVERINE and DEADPOOL writer Frank Tieri recently responded to fan questions on the Message Board of Cinescape's very own X-Fan Fan Speak section concerning an upcoming series of one-shots, tentatively titled WEAPON X: THE DRAFT, that are set for a 2002 release from Marvel Comics. Tieri confirmed his involvement, and also turned the focus back on the fans with some questions of his own.

"Since a lot of the details have not been worked out as of yet, I'm afraid it won't make sense for me to reveal stuff that might be changed," posted Tieri. "What I will say though, is - yes, I'm very much involved as this is one of the secret projects I've been working on. And yes, I'll be writing one of the one-shots."

"And I will say this, too - I always intended for Weapon X to have a life of it's own, even at the very start, when I first introduced the new version in the pages of [WOLVERINE]. So it was quite a pleasant surprise for you fans to take to it as you have.  We've only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as the Program and what their ultimate plans are, my friends, so you'll want to stay tuned as we reveal more and more in the pages of DEADPOOL, WOLVERINE and these one shots."

"I also thought this concept was a good one for some interaction from you fans. Who would you like to see join the Program - or at least, who would you like to see Weapon X try to make join?  We'll use this thread for just that, but I'll also add two questions you'll have to answer included with your selections: Why would your candidate join? and Why would Weapon X want your candidate?"

"Realize of course, that it's ok if your candidate is approached and opts NOT to join - it's bound to happen as Weapon X seeks new recruits and can still provide a compelling story (as with Wolvie). And not all candidates have to be mutants (as with Deadpool)."

"So there ya go folks. Now let's see what ya got!"

Fans interested in responding to Tieri's questions can do so by clicking the source link above.


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