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  • Blu-ray: In Time Blu-ray
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Starring: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy
  • Written By: Andrew Niccol
  • Directed By: Andrew Niccol
  • Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • Original Year of Release: 2011
  • Extras: See Below
  • Series:

In Time Blu-ray Review

Living paycheck to paycheck takes on a whole new meaning

By Tim Janson     February 09, 2012


Director Andrew Niccol’s latest film, In Time is a heavy-handed treatise on our class system in America, and particularly sensitive in light of the various Occupy movements that have been staged over the past year. It’s the ultimate battle of the Haves Vs. the Have Nots and a half-hour in you want to scream and say, “Yeah! We get it!” The rich get richer, the working middleclass gets screwed and no one cares about the lower class. The premise is that in the year 2161 scientists have found a way to genetically alter humans so that they stop aging when they hit 25. But after that you have just one more year to live unless you can earn more time. The people of this era have a constant reminder of just how much or how little time they have left due to a digital clock with bright green LED numbers that is built into their arms.
The classes are separated into zones with the poor and middle class living in the slums while the rich live in mansions and high rises. It’s a society where a man’s mother, wife , and daughter can all appear to be the same age since their physical aging has stopped at 25. Time has replaced standard paper money as the currency of the day. You work a job to earn more time that is transferred to you at the end of your shift but you also need time to pay for life’s necessities like food and rent. Some people engage in a winner take all battle of wills where each combatant bets their remaining time. Will Salas is one of these blue collar guys who wakes each morning with just enough time to make it through the day until he gets paid. I guess in the future if you take a sick day you’re screwed. 
Will helps a stranger escape from organized criminals called Minutemen who steal time from others. The stranger transfers nearly all his time, over a century to Will. Will uses his newfound wealth to visit New Greenwich and see how the rich live and it repulses him. For here in New Greenwich the super wealthy have centuries, sometimes even thousands of years on their clocks. Teaming with Sylvia (Seyfried) the daughter of one the zone’s richest men, Will is determined to bring down the system by becoming a futuristic Robin Hood, stealing time from the rich to give it to the poor.
Ok so the premise is interesting even if it is a bit of a ripoff of Logan’s Run but Niccol seems far more concerned with his message about big corporations trampling on the poor and middleclass than making a plausible Sci-Fi film. Despite being set 150 years in the future there’s almost nothing that seems futuristic other than people having digital clocks in their arms. I mean they still drive regular cars, they may be electric cars but we already have those. I mean 150 years from now wouldn’t we have cars that run on nuclear fusion or anti-matter? Think of all the technological advancements from 1860 to the present day…electricity, indoor plumbing, TV, computers, cell phones, the internet…There’s virtually nothing in In Time that makes you believe it’s 150 years in the future.
Will and Sylvia spend much of the film on the run from a Timekeeper (Murphy). Timekeepers are the police of the day. You might think that people could be tracked simply by the clocks in their arms, but no, were still talking 20th century police methods being used here. Timberlake isn’t a bad actor but he’s definitely more suited to romantic and comedic roles than bad ass action characters. Murphy keeps things interesting as a driven Timekeeper who seems motivated solely by keeping the current class system in place to avoid anarchy.
Niccol certainly hammers home his message but beyond that he has very little more to offer here.
Blu-Ray Extras
The Minutes (16:35) This featurette is a series of faux interviews with characters from the film and some you didn’t see such as one of the scientists who engineered the age-limiting gene.
Deleted Scenes (12:52) Notable for one reason…We get to see what really happened to Will’s father which was only hinted at in the final cut of the film.


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jedibanner 2/10/2012 5:36:15 AM

By just seeing the words Justin timberlake, I knew I would never watch this in my entire far so good.

karas1 2/10/2012 6:50:00 AM

Jedi, I saw it in the theater and it isn't a bad film.  It's entertaining and fast paced.  Timberlake did an acceptable, if not stellar, job.  And he looks butch with the hair cut.

I got the feeling that society hadn't advanced because the ruling class didn't wnat it to.  They were happy in their palaces and didn't want to change them.  They also didn't want to make conditions better for the lower classes.  They wanted the poor to remain poor and to be constantly on the edge of running out of time.  The pause in the evolution of society was artificial.

jedibanner 2/10/2012 7:57:06 AM

Karas1, call me stupid but, I'm one of those who would rather not see a possible good movie or series because of one particular actor/actress.

In this case, I just don't see JT as an actor and therefore cannot see myself getting into a story when all I think about is ''by by by''........ahhh crap...I actually remember the song can't leave my head...KILL ME, KILL ME!!!!

But seriously, one of the best exemple for me is Ben Affleck. I just don't like the guy...I don't believe he's a good actor and nothing he's done has pushed me to believe he is (I was ''force to watch some of his latest movies to please Mrs. jedibanner so I can speak by experience).

The story and the idea even seemed interesting for this movie and from your description karas1, the mental aspect of the class society makes sense but all of that being attached with that one flawed personality, I just can't go into it and unless I'm ''forced'' again, I will deny this movie my time and opinion.

I'm a reducing my chances of entertainment? maybe...but in y opinion, if you suck at baseball, you suck at football, you suck at soccer...even if you go and start singing, chances are you will suck at this too.

SaintNiC 2/10/2012 8:50:01 AM

I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the concept of it. I thought the coming attraction was good but nothing to force me to the theater, though if I had the expendable funds I def would have. I watched this on download the other night. My boyfriend is just like you Jedi, he hates JT with a passion but I like him. I think he tries really hard to over come the NSYNC stereo type and I think he does a good job at it. This movie was paced nicely and constant that there was no time for any whining or sulking. The idea of life being like that mind effed me some. The thought of working a crap job for time then charging 2 hours for a bus ride is nuts.

samson 2/10/2012 11:03:03 AM

This movie was worth seeing. I enjoyed it in the same I'd enjoy an Underworld flick. The concept of the movie was very, very cool. It sparked several interesting conversations between I and a few friends. What would you do if time were the currency of the day? How would that affect your way of thinking?

I've never had a problem with Timberlake. The pretty boy factor doesn't bother me. I can't hate on him for using it to his advantage. Plus, the guy's got a lot of natural talent, he works hard and he's growing as an actor. He's not good yet, but he could be.

karas1 2/10/2012 1:20:27 PM

Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith have overcome their tennybopper pop roots.  Why deny Timberlake the same chance? 

I don't know enough about the boy bands of the '90s to know which star was in which band or remember what their hit songs were.  I was a little old to be attracted to their music and ignored it as much as I was able.  

If Timberlake wants a career as an actor now that he's a grownup I have no objections.  He's not great yet.  But watch some of Tom Cruise's early movies and see how bad he was.

For that matter, Timberlake is already better than Keneau Reeves and HE doesn't seem to have any trouble with HIS career.

Tonebone 2/20/2012 12:49:12 PM

I just don't get this idea of hating someone just because of their previous endeavors. Its not like he kidnapped kids and ate puppies. He was a pop star.

And I guess I am dating myself. N'SYNC and the whole TRL shebang was a big part of my high school days. So I guess I come from a different POV of being a fan prior. Not that I automatically accepted him as an actor. Totally agree he;s got a long ways to go. But the guy has shown the desire to do the best he can. If there is one arena he thrives in outside of music, its comedy with his work with the Lonely Island and SNL. He's always enjoyable when he makes an appearance.

rkoziol7 2/25/2012 12:31:32 AM

Not so bad



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