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First Contact--best TNG movie??

September 13, 2007

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I just don't understand why people say First Contact was the best.  Granted, all four were lacking and Nemesis was indeed dreadful, but First Contact was pretty bad too.  Introducing a borg queen effectively destroyed the Borg as an enemy, Worf was on the Defiant but in true ST order, DS9 is completely erased from memory along with anyone else from the show, the "re-imagining" of Cochran was horrible and embarrassing. 

I guess in discussing the general story and comparing it to Generations, Insurrection and Nemesis it could possibly be the best one.

Here's my question...these people (the actors and writers) have been involved with ST:TNG for almost 20 years.  How can they possibly read this script and make these movies and not realize how bad they are?!  Aside from Star Trek 5, every other ST:TOS movie was a masterpiece.  They were funny, they had great effects that pretty much still hold up to today's standards, and most importantly you didn't feel like you were getting crapped on for being a fan of the crew.  The TNG movies were bad for non-fans, but they were a massive hate letter to actual fans of the show.  Little to no characterization, horrible HORRIBLE enemies (aside from the Borg, but then...the Queen) and (apart from a 2 second shot of Wesley and Janeway in Nemesis which doesn'tmake up for the terrible movie itself) no recognition of any other form of Star Trek at all.  It just astounds me when I watch these movies and I see interviews with Stewart saying how great the story is.  How can they not know what they are doing sucks, especially when they have been these characters for so long?

I really truly hope the new movie is great and brings people back to this franchise.  It is still way worth exploring further.

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