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TIME'S EYE on bookshelves

The latest novel by 2001's Arthur C. Clarke and MANIFOLD SPACE's Stephen Baxter

By Patrick Sauriol     January 13, 2004

TIME'S EYE, the first book in the Time Odyssey series.
© Del Rey Books
Imagine in the year 2037 that thousands of alien spheres suddenly appear over the Earth. In a wink of an eye, through a kind of technology humanity knows nothing of, the planet Earth is carved up into thousands of different zones of time; standing in one location it may appear to be the present day, but travel long enough in one direction and you may be hundreds, even thousands of years in the past. And there's nothing stopping the citizens of each time period from walking away into the other time zones.

That's the premise of the new "A Time Odyssey" series created by 2001's famour author, Arthur C. Clarke and MANIFORD SPACE's Stephen Baxter. Their first book in this new series, TIME'S EYE, is published today by Del Rey Books.

TIME'S EYE focuses on two groups: three astronauts returning from the International Space Station in 2037 and three United Nations peacekeepers, and Genghis Khan's mongul horde from the 13th century. Both believe that the answer to the alien orbs and the time zones lie where the ancient city of Babylon once stood, and now stands again. Both groups set off to discover the answer to the riddle and to try and communicate with the alien presence that has done this to the planet -- and perhaps also harness the power to do it again.

TIME'S EYE is 352 pages long and sells for $26.95 in hardback. A CD-ROM is included with the novel.

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