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thecheckeredman 2/18/2010 12:30:44 PM

On a whole, I love Timm's body of work.  Having said that, I'm not as keen on the DC UNIVERSE flicks.  Strong showings like GL:FF and WW are off set by mediocre efforts like (the much aniticipated but ultimate let down) JL:NEW FRONTIER and PUBLIC ENEMIES.

Also, I am so darn tired of the word "crisis".  Honestly.  As a rule I'm not much of an anime fan but GOTHAM KNIGHT was an inspired offering -- a unique story with an unconventional art direction for the subject.

 The DCU direct to market films are still in their infancy and here's to hoping for many more years of growth and development, but hopefully the brains behind the work realize that their stronger films have been based upon smaller character-focused stories.  PG-13 mainstream superhero films are wonderful, but I hope future instalments use the story more to influence the rating rather than the action.

I'm not excited at all to see CRISIS.  I simply don't care.  On the other hand I do want to see the SPECTRE short-film!!!  Once more I hope for more exciting development like this in the future to bring some attention to DC's vast wealth of characters.

In conclusion I'd like to drop a few ideas I'd like to see DC UNIVERSE consider for features:

THE OUTSIDERS: An anime-inspired design following a Nightwing lead team of young adult heroes that take the fight to the bad-guys in a revenge/out for justice style film.  Arsenal/Red Arrow, Katana, Jade, Black Lightning, and Metamorpho are interesting and provide a good combination of classic vs. modern incarnations of the team.  Gritty and graphic remniscant of Cowboy Beebop seems to be a good fit.

SHAZAM!: The Big Red Cheese is too important a figure in the legacy of the superhero and comics in general to keep getting passed up.  I hate it when people "darken" stuff up when it shouldn't be.  Captain Marvel is fun!  Keep it fun!  A loose, more traditional hand-drawn animating style harkening back to old Disney adventure films like Robin Hood with equal amounts of fun, action, and humor.

KINGDOM COME: This was mentioned somewhere not too long ago and I'd like to expound upon the concept...  JL and JLU were amazing shows.  How about take the story of Kingdom Come and apply it as the future of the JLU show -- a continuation...a bookend to the fantastic series.  The key component is sticking to the Timm-style character designs for continuity purposes.  This idead IMHO could be a masterpiece waiting to happen.  The only trick is a good, solid adapted script -- something the other direct-adaptations have lacked.

gauleyboy420 2/18/2010 2:03:35 PM

Tottaly Jazzed for this! Love me some crisis!

"ReadingCrisis on Multiple Earths right Now"


Checkered man, can't believe you though New Frontier was an ultimate let down.

I though tit was more fantastic, than the buid up for it let on. One of the best DC animated films to date.


animefanjared 2/18/2010 7:20:37 PM

I have to agree with thecheckeredman, I found "New Frontier" to steadily decrease in quality the further into the runtime I got.  It started strong, but then suffered from too many characters being shoehorned into too short a running time.  It was almost laughably bad by the end, IMHO.  Like several of the other DC direct to video features, I think it could have really benefited from a longer runtime.

sinister666 2/18/2010 11:22:29 PM

 Just got back from the Paley Center in west l.a.  I absolutely loved CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS!  I got to meet the lovely Miss Andrea Romano and I got a kick ass poster autographed by her and the rest of the panel.  ALL HAIL... ANDREA ROMANO!!!...SON!!!

thecheckeredman 2/19/2010 7:22:56 AM

Trust me folks, I love the fact that the DC UNIVERSE films exist!  I'm rooting for them all they way!  I'm more tired of the Crisis this and Crisis that which has over run the DCU comics for years now.  :-(  It's become a bit boring.  A crisis in general is an alarming event!  When it's every other month and the exception becomes the rule...well...its just not as special or exciting anymore.

The reason JL:NF let me down so much is my long love for the comic series.  It was revolutionary for me as a reader, fan, etc.  I'm talking right up there with Bone, Killing Joke, Watchmen, etc.  There's something about that series that spoke to me on a whole different level and to see it so dilluted was heart-breaking.  Much like the FF live action films...so sad...  :-( 




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