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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Only Light in the Darkness REVIEW (Article) - 4/24/2014 2:33:36 PM

 Cap are you sure?  damn i already erased it but i thought he said he was the grandson....i mean why have the same name as a howling commando then?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Only Light in the Darkness REVIEW (Article) - 4/24/2014 8:39:14 AM

 Redvector yoi might be right about Ward strangling him but just Ward having blood on his hands does't mean he was not shot.  He could have got the blood on him when he moved the body.  I don't think Koenig just happened to go in that storage room and Ward killed him there.  In fact this was a bit more sloppiness as there should have been more blood.  In Fact...if he had been strangled around the throat one would think there have been a pool of blood that skye stepped on instead of just getting hit by a drop.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Only Light in the Darkness REVIEW (Article) - 4/24/2014 8:34:43 AM

 Cloak and Dagger are interesting...their powers were a result of being forcefully injected with a synthetic drub was because they WERE Mutants that the drug unleashed their powers.  However they were also created in Spectatular Spider-Man so I wonder who technically has rights...Is it Fox since they have The X-Men or is it Sony/Columbia since they have Spider-Man?  

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 12:44:04 PM

 Ratings were up the highest in the last 4 episodes so hopefully the recent storylines are starting to pay off

Announcing the Mania Comic Book Hall of Fame (Article) - 4/17/2014 9:05:32 AM will incorporate all comic creators...artists, writers, editors, publishers.  I can see down the line maybe we induct things like notable sotry arcs, graphic novels, and the like...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 9:03:14 AM

 Blank...I don't use those sites either.  Had a bad experience with Napster years ago and had to totally restore my system to get all the crap cleaned up

Announcing the Mania Comic Book Hall of Fame (Article) - 4/12/2014 11:08:37 AM misunderstand... we are starting out by picking 10 creators for each decade of the 30s/40s through the 1990s.  Not one per year.  That is how we are opening this up.  Thus we will pick ten people whose major contribution was in the 1940s such as Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster...10 peoole from the 1950s such as a Harvey Kurtzman or William Gaines...10 whose major contribtion was in the 1960s like Stan Lee and Steve Ditko...and so on.  future inductees could be drawn from any decade.  The reason for this is if we perhaps just decided to pick the top 50 guys and put them in it might tend to be weighted too much on a couple of particular decades such as the 40s and 60s.   I will be writing the articles but like the top 100 artists series I did, getting input from friends/fans/pros.   Thereafter, we will introduce a set of nominees to people, including Mania Readers, can vote.

As far as a top 20 list we have already previously done a Top 20 comic writers list and a top 100 Artists list.  Here we are going for an all encompassing group...artists/writers/editors/publishers.  Certainly editors like Jules Schwartz is every bit as important as many artists and writers.  Eventually we want to partner up with a major comic book show and hope to make the induction a convention event.

Ultimately the real goal is to intrododuce these people to a new generation who might be unfamiliar with their work and achievements





Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn Turn Turn Review (Article) - 4/11/2014 9:20:40 AM

 Once againg Great One...not sure what you are seeing.  I don't in the least think Skye is a streetfighter ready to take on M. Bison...They showed her basically doing one move the other night.  ONE move.  She didn't go Donnie Yen on the guy.  I saw it as she used the element ot surprise and got lucky.  Was it a little contrived?  Maybe.  But is it any more contrived than Bruce Lee kicking about 50 guys asses in two minutes?  

Announcing the Mania Comic Book Hall of Fame (Article) - 4/11/2014 9:15:54 AM

 indeed it is Keith!  Stay Tuned!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn Turn Turn Review (Article) - 4/10/2014 12:05:45 PM

 oh no i tend to think something more will happen with Hand, don't get me wrong


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