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Tim Janson
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May 2, 2007
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April 3, 2015
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About Me:
I have been with Mania for nearly two years, providing reviews of books, DVDs, Graphic Novels and Games/Toys. I write the weekly Book Buzz column covering each week's major new genre releases as well as featuring capsule reviews.

Besides Mania, I have written for Newsarama, TwitchFilm, Silver Bullet Comics, and Fangoria Online.

I love everything genre but my favorites are film and comics. I consider myself a "near" expert on horror films of the 30s and 40s. I have been a comic book fan for almost 35 years and count several comic book pros as friends including Roy Thomas and Vince Locke.
MI United States
Industrial Sales
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
Too many too list
Favorite Horror Movie:
Classic Horror of the 30's and 40's
Favorite Genre TV Show:
Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Supernatural, Smallville
Favorite Comic Book:
The Avengers, The Spectre
Favorite Manga, Book, or Graphic Novel:
Too Many to list
Favorite Video Game:
Madden Football


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robbo 1/13/2009 6:10:40 PM

What about Firefly?

siamese987 6/21/2013 7:28:57 AM

 I am trying to discover the title of a movie that I saw on TV with my dad in the 1980s. It features a town with underground tunnels that connect to each house and lead to a cavern with a lake. The characters get attacked by smooth, white or milky white creatures with at least one tentacle each. The creatures live in the underground lake, but they use the tunnels to get humans. Although I was in middle school at the time that I saw the movie, I remember that a tentacle coming up through a grate in the floor of a cabin or house. The place may have been rented by the young adults for a vacation. Obviously, the characters have to investigate, find a opening to a tunnel in the cellar/basement, and follow the tunnel to the cavern and lake. B or worse movie doubt.

smoke62 1/16/2014 11:22:43 AM

 JED Whedon co wrote the last AGENTS OF SHIELD. Not JOSS.



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