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"TMNT – Mike, Don, Leo and Ralph"

The heroes in a half shell are back and better than ever

By Carlos Mejia     January 28, 2007

Donatello from TMNT
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From the sewers of Manhattan come four bipedal ninja fighting, crime-stopping, pizza-eating turtles. Trained by their master Splinter, they protect the city with their ability all while being lighthearted at the same time. Since their inception in the early 80s, the Turtles have been through countless reinventions in toys, comics, cartoons and movies and this year it’s going to happen again. This March, an all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be released. It will be completely computer animated, with new actors providing their voices to America’s favorite mean green fighting machines. A new movie means all-new looks for the team, and of course action figures.  

Based on the movie TMNT, the new toy line already has many variations planned of the main four characters, and this review will be based on the original four in their regular appearance. 

Playmates has been making Ninja Turtles action figures since most of us were in grade school so this is nothing new to them. Since you’ve probably haven’t owned a Turtle action figure in years, the figures have grown in leaps and bounds since then. The points of articulation have doubled and as if that’s not cool, some are hidden. For example, the articulation in the knee is a startling surprise. These figures are not like current the Ninja Turtles Fast Forward toy line. Their different in look and style, the biggest difference being they all have eyeballs. Each figure comes with an assortment of weapons and gadgets, the best probably being Michelangelo’s skateboard. The different skin tones are not so obvious as it is in the cartoon series. Clearly Raphael is the darkest in tone, while the other three look like the same shade of green. Also the team’s bandanas are in a wind blowing action form, so that adds more spice to their poses. 

These figures are obviously targeted towards a younger audience, but that does not mean the adult collector should pan them. If you had a choice of getting Turtles toys between the movie series or the cartoon series, the adult collector may want to lean more on the movie series. They’re cartoonish, yes, but they capture the personalities of the Turtles perfectly. Kids will absolutely love these figures if they’re Turtle fans already and they’ll probably go crazy for the half dozen other variations of the team like the Big Mouth Talkin’ figures. 

These are hands down the best Turtle figures so far. They blow away the previous figures based on the original trilogy (did those figures have a skin disease, what was up with those spots?). Until Playmates, or some other company make Turtle action figures based on their gritty comic book appearance in a NECA or McFarlane style, these are the best that you’re going to get. Until then grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the figures, because they’re totally awesome!


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DexPac 1/29/2007 12:33:46 AM
If anyone's interested you can find some pretty good pics of the entire line including Splinter, April, Casey Jones and more here: http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=album&album=Playmates%2FTMNT_Movie&dispsize=600&start=0 They've also got shots of the new van.


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