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To Be Continued: 2002 Comic Book Sequels, Part 1

We look at some fascinating four-color follow-ups on the way in 2002

By Arnold T. Blumberg     June 29, 2002

Artwork for APACHE SKIES
© 2002 Marvel Comics
The comic book medium has certainly been susceptible to the same trends as other entertainment forms over the years, and one of the most prevalent pop culture gimmicks is, of course, the "sequel." We've seen them come and go in comics, from the second Secret Wars - ugh - to the recent long-awaited (and perhaps too anticipated) DARK KNIGHT 2 - ugh - and countless others besides. Let's face it, the history of comics has been lousy with sequels. Trust us.

But while this isn't quite the 'Summer of Sequels' in comics as it is in films, there are a number of intriguing projects that might be termed "follow-ups" or "sequels" of sorts hitting comic shop shelves between now and the end of the year, and we're here to give you the lowdown on some of them, including a few that are in progress even as we speak. So let's begin, shall we? And remember, none of these will be shown in THX Dolby sound, but that doesn't mean they won't pack the same entertainment value as MEN IN BLACK II or DIE ANOTHER DAY. Having said that, let's begin:

Terry Moore tackled another famous lesbian couple, Willow and Tara, in a popular BUFFY spin-off one-shot from Dark Horse Comics.

Synopsis: This follow-up to BLAZE OF GLORY will attempt to bring some excitement back to the dust and horses genre, traditionally a far less popular category in comics. The Rawhide Kid and a new Apache Kid are on the lookout for the men who killed the first Apache Kid.
Publisher: Marvel
Creative Team: John Ostrander and Leonardo Manco
Buzz: Westerns may not be the most popular category in comics these days, but the first escapade did well, so the team is back again with another raw MAX cowboy tale, fully painted and rarin' to go. If you're in the mood for something a bit less spandex-y, you might want to give this one a try, pardner.
Release date: July 2002

Synopsis: Marvel's new Russian secret agent in black latex is back in this dark adventure written by the creative talent behind Oni Press' WHITEOUT.
Publisher: Marvel
Creative Team: Greg Rucka and Igor Kordey
Buzz: Under the MAX imprint, this underground tale of Russian bondage clubs and deadly predators can go all out, and you better believe Rucka is going to do just that. Now, now, there won't be any explicit, racy stuff (sorry to disappoint so many of you), but there will be edgy intrigue and a strong noirish sensibility, so that will have to suffice.
Release date: Summer 2002

Synopsis: Following up on last year's "Willow and Tara" one-shot, Dark Horse will release a new two-issue miniseries this summer, again co-plotted by the late, lamented Tara herself...with help from novelist and comic scribe Christopher Golden. Willow, Tara and Dawn wander into an enchanted wood, where danger lurks in every shadow.
Publisher: Dark Horse
Creative Team: Amber Benson, Christopher Golden, and Ajit Jothikaumar
Buzz: This project kicks things up a notch by adding the skills of animation talent Jothikaumar to the mix, but with the well-liked team of Benson and Golden guiding the adventures of the Sapphic witches and their youthful companion, this should delight Buffy fans everywhere.
Release date: July 2002

Thanos is at it again in INFINITY ABYSS #1.

Synopsis: Jim Starlin returns to the cosmic-themed storytelling he made famous in the '80s and '90s, resurrecting one of Marvel's recurring '90s miniseries premises with an all-new Infinity tale. Thanos, Warlock, Captain Marvel, Pip the Troll and a cast of thousands all return.
Publisher: Marvel
Creative Team: Jim Starlin
Buzz: The Infinity projects ran out of steam years ago, and expectations are predictably low for this return engagement. But you never know. Some people say "Why?" but Starlin and Marvel said "Why not?" Vote with your wallets.
Release date: Summer 2002 (Now! Go to your comic shop)

Don?t worry, there are more comic book sequels to come. Next time, we?ll get reacquainted with some very old literary heroes (and villains) from Victorian England, look back at a well-loved chapter in a certain wall-crawler?s long and varied career, and learn the World War II origin of a returning cyborg crusader. All this and more when our survey of 2002 comic book sequels concludes.



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