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How to Create a Double Splash Page Comic Book

By Chad Hunter     -
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A splash page in a comic book is the first chance to make a good impression and grab the reader. Splash pages normally cover an entire page but can also cover two pages. Splash pages normally are moments of revelation or great action continued from a previous issue. They should carry some level of shock and awe but need to be carefully planned out before a single pencil stroke. Splash pages should not be cluttered so watch for misuse of space.

Step 1

Determine the scene. A splash page has to grab the attention of the reader. Determine if it's an action shot, a dramatic moment or a scene of revelation. Figure out what characters and items on the pages are necessary to relay the scene.

Step 2

Map out the dialogue and narration. Most splash pages have some type of narration from the characters involved. Place thought bubbles or speech bubbles where they need to be.

Step 3

Sketch the layout first. Use stick figures and rough cubes and rectangles to create the splash page. The figures will serve as the characters and the shapes serve to give any buildings or vehicles a sense of placement and location.

Step 4

Flesh out the scene. Draw out the action, layout and characters in full design. Let the stick figures serve as guides. Make sure the scene fully takes advantage of the two-page layout.

Step 5

Add text. Once the figures, foreground and background are drawn, add the dialogue, narration and title. Place the title either on top or at the bottom but not the sides as it will have a greater impact.


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