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How to Create Star Wars Lightsabers

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Darth Vader (David Prowse) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) engage in an epic lightsaber duel in the carbon-freezing chamber on Bespin's Cloud City in "The Empire Strikes Back."
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Believe it or not, a lightsaber can be created without the crystal core required of the Jedi. The most popular weapon in science fiction history, or at least a reasonable facsimile, can be produced with easy-to-attain household items. Building your own lightsaber can cement your nerd credibility and come in handy during intense jousting sessions against Sith Lords.
How to Create Star Wars Lightsabers

Step 1

Cut the PVC to an appropriate handle length. Depending on how you want your lightsaber to handle, this could mean anywhere between 8 and 12 inches.

Step 2

Paint the handle. Lay down newspaper, then apply two layers of spray paint. The two colors most suitable to lightsaber construction would be either a reflective chrome or jet black.

Step 3

Wrap the PVC tightly in leather twine. The traditional lightsaber has two separate grips, each 3-to-4 inches wide. Wrap corresponding hand grips on the two locations where you are likely to hold your lightsaber. Use flat leather twine that can be wrapped tightly against the surface of the PVC, creating a uniform gripping space. Glue down each end using hot glue.

Step 4

Prepare the lightsaber blade. The blade should be constructed out of a polycarbonate tube that is of a width slightly smaller than the opening at the end of the PVC lightsaber handle. Unfortunately, polycarbonate tubes are typically clear, which would not produce the appearance of an opaque blade. Use the sandpaper to scour the tube's surface until the surface is nearly white, rather than clear.

Step 5

Affix the lightsaber blade to the handle. The polycarbonate tube should already fit into the PVC snugly, but use hot glue to make the fixture permanent.

Step 6

Run the string of Christmas lights into the handle. Make sure to use a solid color, such as white, red or green. Make sure also that the string of lights are battery-powered. Tape down the lights at the top of the polycarbonate tube.

Step 7

Affix the battery pack to the interior of the PVC handle with Velcro. By using Velcro, you'll be able to take out the battery pack when it runs low on energy. Finally, stop off the end of the PVC handle using a black drain plug.


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