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How to Draw Star Wars Clones

By Andrew Dewitt     -
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The clones in Star Wars are tremendous fighters. They were bred from the genetic material of the infamous bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Creating illustrations of these warriors depends on capturing their unique armor. The look of the armor is itself is much like the later storm trooper armor used by the crooked Empire. Once you have mastered drawing these elements, you can create epic action scenes that take place during the Clone Wars. You can also recreate battles caused by "Order 66" in which the clone troopers turned on their Jedi leaders and assassinated them.

Step 1

Draw the helmet by creating a frame made of a rounded cone shape. Draw a curved line across the top half of the clone's helmet. Add a rectangular shape to the middle top of the helmet. This should slightly poke out over the top of the helmet and continue down the front of the helmet, stopping well before the curved line.

Step 2

Draw a "T" shape for the visor in the center of the helmet. Add an upside down "V" shape to the bottom of the "T." Add the cheek sections with two rectangular shapes below the top of the visor. Add a the bottom portion of the helmet with a c curved line that has two small dips in it just below the upside down "V" shape.

Step 3

Add triangular shapes to the upper left and right sides of the "T" shape to make the visor wider. Add an upside down triangular shape to the vertical line of the "T." Add five small slightly curved diagonal lines to the bottom left side of the helmet. Draw two small circles inside the curved dips at the bottom of the helmet. Add a small trapezoid shape in between these two circles.

Step 4

Erase the helmet guidelines and ink the drawing. Darken in the visor, the curved line across the top of the helmet, the cheek sections the five curved lines, the two circles and the trapezoid with black ink. Let the ink dry thoroughly and erase the pencil underneath.

Step 1

Draw the armor of the clone by blocking out the basic frame for the clone trooper. Draw a large rectangular shape for the chest that has the upper left and right corners rounded off. Add the shoulder armor with two ovals that overlap onto the upper left and right of the chest. Add the guideline for the elbow, knee and hand armor with small circles. Create the hips with an upside down triangular shape. Add the framework for the arms and legs with simple lines. Create the boots with two triangular shapes at the base of the legs.

Step 2

Add armor to the biceps of the clone trooper with an oval shape in between the shoulder and elbow. Add armor to the forearms of the clone trooper with a triangular shape that comes out from the base of the wrist and widens as it gets closer to the elbow.

Step 3

Flesh out the chest armor by drawing curved horizontal line below the base of the neck. Add a curved vertical line to the left and right side of the chest where the arms connect to the torso. Add the upper leg armor with a large rectangular shape across the upper leg. Create the shin armor for this character with the same rectangular shape as the upper legs.Make both the trooper's shin and upper leg armor slightly wider at the top than the bottom. Draw curved line in the center of the hips.

Step 4

Color all the areas of the body that are not pieces of armor black. Ink the rest of the figure, being sure to ignore the guidelines. Draw a vertical line down the center of the chest. Let the ink dry and erase the pencil lines on the clone trooper.


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