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How to Get a Job As a Video Game Designer

By Aaron Reynolds     -
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Video game designing is now a big business. No longer is the video game world confined to arcade games at pool halls where only Pac Man was available. The video game has become a highly personalized item and is found in millions of households. If you love video games, have you ever considered designing them? Maybe you are one of those people who always think about ways to improve the games. Consider the video game design career path.

Step 1

Find a passion for video games. Companies are only interested in hiring people who are enthused and practically live and breathe video games. It's like any industry. The company will hire not only the most qualified individual, but also the individual with a deep passion for the product they create. Video game designers will develop a passion and set of skills by playing video games. You need to understand and master the craft before developing your own products.

Step 2

Develop your problem-solving skills. Video games are a form of technology, and with any technology, problems are bound to exist. Glitches are extremely common in video games, especially in the development stage. A great deal of a video game designer's job requires fixing problems. Do you have the patience to deal with it? You can get a head-start on the competition by purchasing video game design software and creating basic computer games, etc.

Step 3

Participate in some training. Video game companies will not hire any average Joe off the block. Video games have become so advanced that many designers need an education centered on video game design. Thankfully, many colleges are taking notice of this demand and creating specific degrees for video game design. Many of these colleges are technology-specific schools such as ITT Tech, DeVry or The Art Institute. You do not need a degree although it helps. Many students take a few classes in video game design and then pursue a job.

Step 4

Some video game designers start out as video game testers and then earn a promotion. Consider this step in the career path. Make sure you create a portfolio with some video games you have created in the past no matter how simple or basic. Companies will respect an individual that works hard and is self-motivated. Search the yellow pages and see if you can set up an internship with a video game designer. The experience may prove invaluable and reward you with a job.


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