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How to Get a Movie Idea Seen by a Producer

By J. Curtis     -
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If you're a screenwriter or just have a great idea for a movie, you'll want your idea to be seen by a producer. However, movie producers are notoriously busy and don't simply accept ideas from anyone who submits them. They are approached by thousands of screenwriters per year. So how do you make sure your idea is seen by a producer? There are a few steps you can take to have a better chance at a producer seeing your idea.

Step 1

Get an agent who will work with you to get your idea in to be seen by a producer. Some producers will only see ideas and scripts that have agent representation. The belief is that the agents have already done some of the screening process for them.

Step 2

Enter your movie idea into a contest. Contests are one major way that producers and movie houses look for new ideas and talent. You can find contests at MovieBytes and registering for contests in your genre.

Step 3

Solicit producers on your own in the hopes that they are taking submissions from screenwriters. Call production companies and ask if they are taking submissions, and then make an appointment to meet with a producer to pitch your idea.

Step 4

Network by attending film festivals and independent movie screenings to meet people within the industry. Get to know professionals who can pass your name along to a reputable producer.

Step 5

Register with the Internet Movie Database as a screenwriter to get your name out there and build a fan base. Take time to build up your portfolio so that you are a more reputable screenwriter, and producers will be more apt to take script and movie ideas from you.


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