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How to Make a Comic Book Script

By Carl Hose     -
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Comic book scripts combine illustrations and text that work in conjunction to tell a cohesive story. While the finished comic relies heavily on graphic elements, it all starts with the text, which not only tells the story but also guides the illustrator on what to draw. Writing a comic book script isn't difficult once you understand the basic format outlined below.

Step 1

Use standard word processing software to write your script. Write in present tense and descriptively, giving the graphic artist you're working with enough visual description to help him illustrate the story.

Step 2

Start with a page-by-page description. In a description titled "Page 1," for example, tell the artist how many panels there should be and how they should be arranged on the page. Describe what should be happening in each panel, writing in present tense and giving as many details about the scene as possible. It should look something like this:
Panel 1: We see Batman squatting on top of a building, one hand pressed to the roof, looking out over a dark city. There is a full moon in the sky, casting eerie shadows over the streets of Gotham.

Step 3

Add dialogue to each panel description. Write dialogue with the character's name in capitals, followed by a colon and a space, then the dialogue. If you're writing a monologue or a caption, be sure to indicate that in place of the character name.


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