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How to 'Marrow-nize' an image Part 1

By Adam Thur     August 24, 2002

(or how to enlarge, clean, beautify add make-up, plus how to play with lights.)
By Marrow2000

So you've seen his art in the gallery and you've been astonished by the beauty his pieces portray. But how exactly does Marrow2000 achieve that beauty when starting with small, grainy images? Well, we're all in for a treat, because the man himself is about to show us how he does it!

Here we start with the beautiful Ashley (LaraCroft).

Then we enlarge her (I made the width 7 inches, and her height stayed in ratio.)

People are always asking me how to enlarge images and still retain a crisp look.
Hopefully this is where you will learn how.

The best way to get a nice clean cut out is to use the pen tool. Practice using it, and you will end up getting the cleanest cuts possible, with the best curves.

Turn the Path into a Selection, and then inverse it.

When you delete the selection the remainder is very sharp.

This is extremely useful when wanting to use a background.

First what I do is change the whole picture to one color, usually one matching the skin, and then I will set it at 50%, so it will still retain some of the original colors, but not all.

(You probably can't tell; compare it to the image if you'd like)

The reason I do this is because it keeps the skin looking smooth.

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