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How to 'Marrow-nize' an image Part 2

By Adam Thur     August 24, 2002

The smudge tool.Say it with me: "The smudge tool is your best friend."

I use a pen tool so for those of you using a mouse, your pressures will be different; I set mine anywhere from 30-70%.

Smudge all the skin area to a nice smoothness, but stay away from the details (nose, lips, eyes, shadows in neck, etc.)

Do this to all of the skin. See the nice pretty smooth look Ashley has now? Compare it to the image at the very top.

(*NOTE*: It's very easy to mess things up, especially shadows that are creases in the skin. Make sure you pay attention, and keep the History handy.)

Here I've outlined some of the darker areas of her face (eyebrows, eyeliner, nose, lips, cheekbone) and highlighted others (nose, whites of eyes) and I've also cleaned up some of the smoothness, especially in the shoulder area.

This is a very important subject. Different characters have different looks; You can't use the same look on Dawn that you would on someone like Wonder Woman.

I'm not going to show you step by step how I do it, but you can get an idea by the examples.

Here I basically just gave Ashley some color and made her more girly.

What I did: Outlined her eyes some more, gave her some more color in her cheeks and lips (but not too much, she's not in the 80s) and gave her a bit more shadow/highlights in her brow area. Also outlined her eyebrows.

Here I went overboard with the make-up, to try and show a more "bitchy" look.

What I did: Some major eye work, outlining the lids, some color in her brow area, deepened her cheekbones, darkened her eyebrows and made them more "bitchy". I also changed the expression and lips into more of a smirk.

Some tips on applying make-up:

Make sure the colors match and don't look awkward. This is art so you can go a little overboard but outrageous colors will look tacky.

Remember, these girls won't be "out of style" so use some magazines for reference. It's not hard.

I will use lots of paint, dodges, burns, and smudges for make-up. Keep the character's personality in mind.

For Men:

Obviously you're not going to be applying some pretty scarlet red lips on guys, but they definitely need some maintenance as well.

Basic things to do:

Outline the eyebrows, make them crisper if it's in character

Lighten the whites of the eyes, and take out the red.

You can still add some reds to the face, but very very subtle, and some blues would work as well, especially in the shadows.

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