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How to Find a Movie Star

By Aaron Reynolds     -
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Most everyone desires to meet a celebrity or movie star sometime in their life. People want to meet celebrities for a number of reasons -- to say they "met so and so" or for autographs, among others. It's very difficult to find movie stars; however, if you know the right places to look, you'll automatically increase your odds.

Step 1

Find a special event. Celebrities often gather in large crowds for particular special events. You can search just about any large city's newspaper for a calendar of upcoming events. While you cannot guarantee stars will show up to everything, many will attend special events that are of celebrity interest, such as specific parades or fashion shows. If you find one that looks like it could interest stars, attend early and see who you can find.

Step 2

Join a charity a movie star endorses. Once you contribute, you'll automatically join the newsletter and email lists. The charity will keep you posted on upcoming events, many of which the celebrity may make an appearance at. Travel to the event and arrive a day early. Sometimes the charity is searching for volunteers to help out with the event. Make sure you volunteer as this is an ideal way to meet movie stars behind the scenes.

Step 3

Check out Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Many celebrities and movie stars shop there daily, and the location has even been known to be used for filming of TV shows and movies. The great aspect of locating a movie star here is the fact that you can usually walk up to them and actually interact personally. But be careful, some movie stars wish to be left alone and not bothered. Always proceed with caution, be respectful, and gracious.

Step 4

Attend an award ceremony's red carpet. This is a guarantee for finding movie stars, as they'll be all over the place. Unfortunately, you will likely not get any autographs or personal interaction as thousands of fans show up to events like this and are often placed far away from the red carpet.


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