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lracors 7/26/2012 10:13:38 AM

The best bet DC has is to do a slow build up to a major event (Justice League).

1. Man of Steel (check)

2. Wonder Woman (Set in today with flashbacks to WW2-Ending Credits Teaser has Clark reading the Daily Planet's headline, "Wonder Woman Back???"

3. Batman - Have Blake take over as the Bat dealing with Hugo Strange trying to expose him as a false Batman obtaining information from Crane that he's not the real Batman.  Other storyline is a build up of a crime organization headed by "The Penguin".  Blake finds evidence that "The Penguin" has a relationship off the books with LexCorp but the evidence is destroyed.  Credits have Blake reading the papers and doing research on recent news articles "Wonder Woman Back???", "LexCorp", and "Man of Steel".

4. Trinity - Adapt the Trinity storyline first integrating the Big 3.

5. Green Lantern - Soft Reboot (Origin retold in credits) - GL is moving up the ranks in the Galaxy working with Sinestro as a partner.  Sinestro becomes disenchanted with the OA taking cues from Hal despite having been a Lantern for much longer.  Primary enemy an emissary of Darksied.  Credits have the OA having Hal investigate to see if it's true that the Last Son of Krypton is alive.

6. Flash - Barry Allen and Professor Zoom (of LexCorp) co-origin tale with Barry engaged to Iris Zoom kills her in the end then disappears (he ends up in the future).  Credits have Barry a week later running in Gotham considering a letter from LexCorp to do research.  He stops and then encountering Blake who tells Barry, "I've lost people too.  Want to talk?"

7. Justice League - Brought together by the plans of LexCorp with Brainiac as a silent partner.  "The Penguin" turns out to be a fall guy for Lex.  Lex plans to discredit the new heroes with his own team.

Just my idea I think this would work well.  I'd leave out Aquaman and Martian Manhunter for later events.

Mooncrow 7/27/2012 3:53:54 AM

Iracors...sounds like a good path...and I think the villian is the right one. Not Darksied, but The Legion of Doom. Takes back their thunder stolen by Thanos in the Avengers films and it's more famous, if just from the Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Ferret I have to agree with Karas....The Flash at one point was more famous than Iron Man with non-comic book fans. At least he had his own series. The point is...good story, good acting and direction and it will be a success regardless of the fame of the hero in question. (I admit that Blade is probably the best example of unknow hit, unless you count X-Men!) Thatls right X-Men....Only comic folks knew who they were? The average joe on the street didn't know them before Singer's films. They may have been the most popular comic, but that's meaningless for movie goers, especially back then.

The success of the Averngers and the previous orgin films for Marvel is really just showing hollywood that they just need to take the subject matter seriously? Treat it with respect and make good films and then not just comic fans go, but all movie goers show up.

JacenBlade 7/28/2012 2:50:54 PM

IRACORS - , well thought out and dare I say more detailed and focused than any plan Warner Brothers has indicated to date. When I see the financial success of The Avengers and recall my experience seeing the movie (without hyperbole, the most fun I have had seeing a movie since The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future). I can't recall a movie that the audience reacted so viceraly too. With this in mind I'm glad a George Miller helmed JL movie never materialized. Miller was riding high off the success of Happy Feet, but I got to say, I never went ape shit over a George Miller movie. The Avengers BLEW ME AWAY!!! This tells you that when someone is chosen to direct a JL film, it has to be someone like Joss Whedon who is familiar, active in or related somehow to comics.
You know what would make me happy? Go watch the trailer for DC Universe Online (Cinematic Trailer) Comic Con 2010 on YouTube. WOW!!! Expand that to a full length feature film and I would pay $25 a ticket to see it.

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