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How to Play Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition

By James Gapinski     -
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The "Star Wars" saga enjoys both a mainstream fan base of moviegoers and a dedicated niche group of sci-fi lovers. Enjoying similar fame, Parker Brothers' Monopoly is one of the most widely played board games in the United States. Melding these two pop-culture icons, the Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition board game provides hours of entertainment for ages eight and up. Though the game initially appears complicated, it is actually fairly simple to play with a little practice, and the game-play conveniently parallels the classic Monopoly game so familiar to so many.

Step 1

Gather up to seven people to play the game with you. Choose game pieces to represent each character. Game pieces are purely cosmetic, and play does not change whether you choose a good Jedi or an evil Sith as your character.

Step 2

Elect a "banker" to handle all money transactions during play. Game cards and board spaces refer to Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition money as "credits," consistent with the currency of the Star Wars films. Upon election, the banker should give each player 1,500 credits.

Step 3

Roll the dice to move player game pieces accordingly, always moving clockwise around the board. The official game rules posted on F. G. Bradley's game-supply website indicate that the banker always goes first; however, the official rules do not stipulate who goes next. Come up with your own turn order following the first move by the banker.

Step 4

Take an extra turn if you roll doubles, as indicated in the standard Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition rules found at F. G. Bradley's website.

Step 5

Collect 200 credits each time you pass the board's "Go" space. Although some people play with the assumption that landing directly on Go warrants a great payout, the official rules stipulate that the payment is still just 200 credits.

Step 6

Pick up one Sith card from the top of the pile if you land on a Sith tile. Similarly, pick up one Jedi card whenever you land on a Jedi space.

Step 7

Send your piece to "jail" if you land on the space saying, "go to jail," roll doubles three times in succession or pick up a card saying, "go directly to jail." You cannot move your game piece while in jail, but you can accept payments from other players as you normally would during a turn. To get out of jail, pay 50 credits to the bank. You can also get out by rolling doubles within the next three turns; if you do not make the third roll, you must pay the 50-credit penalty.

Step 8

Do not collect any credits when you land on the "Free Parking" space. Despite common belief, this space does not provide any benefits to players; think of it as a blank space on the board.

Step 9

Pay 200 credits, or 10 percent of your total assets, to the bank when you land on the "Trade Blockade" space.

Step 1

Buy any properties your token lands on by using available player credits. The property's price is listed on the board itself. Whenever a property is purchased, the money used in the transaction goes to the bank. When you own a property, you receive a property card for the space. If you choose not to buy the property, the property goes to the highest bidder.

Step 2

Pay rent as indicated on property cards if you land on a space owned by another player. Rent goes directly to the player, not to the bank. Properties in Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition are color-coded; if a player owns all the properties of a given color, the rent doubles. Furthermore, he or she can begin buying "settlements" from the bank for the price listed on the property card. Settlements increase rent. After four settlements are purchased on each property, the player can purchase one city per property for even greater rent payouts.

Step 3

Do not add settlements or cities to "Capital Ship" properties; these four properties follow different rent rules. Rent is not doubled if you own all four Capital Ships. Instead, rent increases based solely on the number of Capital Ship properties you own as indicated on the face of the card.

Step 4

Sell properties to other players to gain extra money if you are running low. Also, you can mortgage properties and receive the money listed on the back of the property card if you are running low on credits. When a Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition property is mortgaged, you will not receive any rent for the property and you cannot build additional settlements or cities on the property. To un-mortgage a property, you must pay the mortgage rate plus 10 percent interest to the bank.

Step 5

Give all your credits and game assets to a player if you cannot afford rent, or return all set assets to the bank if you cannot afford a payment to the bank as indicated on a Jedi card, Sith card or game space. When you lose all your money and assets, you are "bankrupt" and out of the game. If all other players are bankrupt before you, you win the game.


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apeterson 7/24/2010 1:23:45 AM

Hey thanks a lot for this wonderful tutorial , i am a big star war fan and i use to play a lot of flash editions of the star war game with my kids recently i had played the star war republic edition but now i am very much interested in playing the starwar saga.thanks for this description.




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