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How to Price Old Comic Books

By Carl Hose     -
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A box of old comic books purchased at a yard sale or flea market could lead to a profit if you know what you're looking for. The truth is, countless old comics are thrown away every year because many people don't know their worth. Grading and pricing old comic books is easy if you know what to look for and where to find the information that will keep you in the comic book collecting loop. Learn how to price your old comic books to see if you have any valuable issues in your collection.

Step 1

Choose a comic book pricing source (see Resources). If you're going to get into comics on a regular basis, a subscription to Wizard magazine is a good idea. Wizard contains constantly updated price guides for comic books, both old and new, complete with issue information. Wizard also gives you articles about comic book collecting, how to identify valuable comics and how to grade your comics.

Step 2

Consult a grading chart for comic books (see Resources). Knowing how to grade comics is an important part of pricing old comics. Age alone doesn't determine a comic's worth. An old collectible comic valued at $500 dollars in "mint" condition might only be worth $100 in "good" condition. A grading chart ranges from "poor" to "mint," with such grading levels in between as "good, "fine" and "near mint." Avoid pricing comic books without covers or with pages falling out. Comics in this condition will receive no grade, therefore will not be worth anything.

Step 3

Take your comics to a local comic book dealer if you don't have access to a pricing guide. Most dealers will be willing to price your comics for you, sometimes at no cost, and they are familiar with the comic grading system.


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