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How to Sell Old Comic Books

By Carl Hose     -
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Many comic book collectors are in the habit of buying extra issues of comics they believe will turn into valuable collectors items so they can sell later on. Selling old comics is a way to earn a little extra money and enhance your collection as well. Studying trends in comics and trying to determine what will be valuable later on takes practice, but using the right resources can help you understand the value of your old comics and aid you in selling them for the best possible price. Here's how you can sell your old comics for profit.

Step 1

Subscribe to Wizard or a comic buyer's guide. These magazines offer updated price guides to comic books as well as articles about collecting, buying, selling and trading comic books. A subscription to one or both of these magazines is essential to keeping you in the comic book loop and helping you get the most money for your old, collectible comic books.

Step 2

Organize your comic book collection. Separate your old comics into first issues, collectible cover issues and old comics in good shape but not of any real value. This makes it easier for you to keep track of what you have to sell. Grade your comics using a comic grading chart (see re sources) and place all of your comics in a plastic protector with a cardboard backing to keep them in good shape. You can purchase plastic comic protectors and cardboard backing at any local comic shop.

Step 3

Attend comic book conventions and set up a table. You can keep track of major comic book conventions by consulting a listing of comic book conventions each year (see resources). Comic book conventions are one of the best ways to sell your old, collectible comics for top dollar. Attendees of comic book conventions are looking to purchase collectible comics and expect to pay for them.

Step 4

Consider setting up a table at a local flea market on a regular basis. Flea markets are relatively cheap to set up at and offer a good customer base. You typically won't get top dollar for your comics at a flea market the way you do at conventions, but flea markets are a good way to sell extra issues of old, non collectible comics in batches, with the opportunity to make some high-dollar sales.

Step 5

Avoid selling your old comics to comic book stores. They pay less than market value because they need to make a profit as well. Sell old comics of little value to comic book stores in batches, but keep the collector issues for the conventions.


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