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Tobey or Not To Be Part Three

The Amazing Spider-Man himself, actor Tobey Maguire, chats with CINESCAPE about coming back for SPIDER-MAN 2

By Arnold T. Blumberg     May 06, 2002

Tobey Maguire and Rosemary Harris star in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN
© Sony Pictures

As the young man cast in the title role of the highly anticipated SPIDER-MAN, Tobey Maguire is set to enter super-stardom. The film opened huge this past weekend, of course, and a sequel from Sony has already been confirmed and will start shooting in January. Today we conclude our chat with the web-spinning actor with his thoughts on the next Spidey adventure.

Maguire wasn't just a collaborator, but a member of a team that included several other "Spider-Men" stunt performers who took on the role when the work was just too rough for Maguire to handle. There was, of course, also a CGI Spidey for the particularly complex sequences.

"If it looks like it's impossible for a human being to do, then it's probably computer-generated," explains Maguire. "If it looks like it would take the skill level of a gymnast, then it's probably not me. I'd get in there and do some flips and a little swinging. They'd bring me up and down and I'd hang off the side of buildings, so I did what I could do. Plus Sam would be running three units, so sometimes there'd be three Spider-Men working at one time just to get done what we needed to get done."

Tobey Maguire stars in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN

For Maguire, sometimes the toughest challenge was just to stay still.

"The stuff that was the hardest, actually, was when I was just hanging in the air and having to hold my body in a particular position for hours and hours," says Maguire. "It took a lot of strength. It's like doing an ab exercise for a day."

If Maguire feels ashamed at his relative lack of gymnastic prowess, he can take solace in the fact that the Spider-suit conceals his features completely. It was also apparently pretty comfortable.

"They made it very flexible," says Maguire. "It was what you could call a muscle suit, and it was more for definition than size because basically, if you wear a suit like that, it compresses your muscles and it's not like you can stay flexed all the time. It did get a little hot. I would get a little sweaty when I was doing the action stuff, but it was pretty comfortable and breathable."

The mask did, however, present a minor vision problem, but that was all in the line of duty for the crime-fighting crusader.

"I could see, [but] not extremely well," says Maguire. "It took away some peripheral vision and sometimes [the lenses] would get a little foggy as well."

Ultimately, Maguire is content to sit back and enjoy the SPIDER-MANride along with everyone else.

Tobey Maguire and Rosemary Harris star in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN

"I'm going to go sneak into theaters and watch people react," says Maguire. "When I went to see THE FUGITIVE and LORD OF THE RINGS on opening night, they're great experiences. People are yelling and jumping up and talking to the screen and cheering, and that's fun. I like my experiences being in the audience for those movies in particular, and I can't wait for it to happen on this one."

Maguire also looks forward to once again donning the red and blue garb of the Amazing Spider-Man when SPIDER-MAN 2 starts production in January.

"I'm excited because we've got a good team," says Maguire. "[We have] Avi Arad and Laura [Ziskin]. Sam is back on, and Kirsten, and I'm excited to work with that team. Hopefully, [we will] make as good a picture as we did this time."

And if Maguire could have super powers of his very own, what power would he want to possess?

"That's a big question," says Maguire. "I'd like flying. Flying would be fun. Spider-Man doesn't fly, but I'd take that."


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