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X Men: Misfits

January 04, 2010
Release Date: August 11, 2009

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I'm not sure how the relationship came about, but Del Rey is repackaging Marvel characters into a manga style book. They did it for Wolverine book a couple month ago. And they have done another retelling, this time of Kitty Pryde and her first year at the Xavier Academy.

The story and personalities of the characters are completely different than the actual Marvel Universe. The book tells the story of Kitty Pride being recruited by Magneto, who is a professor at the academy. Once she shows up in Westchester, where the school is located, she is informed that she is the only female student. (Storm and Jean Grey are professors) So Kitty then becomes the center of attention by all the shonen-ai style male students and is very quickly compelled to join the Hellfire Club. This club is the on campus A list, popular students. Kitty also strikes up a romance with Hellfire Club member John (Pyro), but she finds herself being intrigued by the cold and aloof Bobby (Iceman).

There are side stories and characterizations that make this fun for X-Men readers. Fred (The Blob) is a nice, gentle guy who hangs out with Scott (Cyclops) who is an angry vegan. Warren (Angel) is the head of the Hellfire Club along with members Forge, Quicksilver, Longshot and Havoc. And while eating lunch in their special dining room, their servant Sabertooth is bringing them their food. This book is filled with little inside winks and nods that fans would find fun to chuckle at.

The artwork is very good for its recreation of the manga style. Characters go chibi at the appropriate times. The typical visual queues are present and anyone who has read any shojo books would know exactly whats happening. One fun think is where Kitty, when she goes chibi, has cat ears and a tale. I'm currently working my way through Fruits Basket and this X-Men book uses the same style where a simple icon at times represents the character.

This book will reside in the teen area with the other manga books. It has been rated for ages 13+, but there is nothing too objectionable in here. There is the romance story and some mutant destructive hijinks, but nothing I don't think even the most sensitive parent would object to. I just hope that I remember to pick up the next volumes when the come out.

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