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Tolkien's THE CHILDREN OF HURIN to be published

By Karl Schneider     September 19, 2006
Source: AP

JRR Tolkien
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According to the Associated Press, J.R.R. Tolkien's unfinished tale THE CHILDREN OF HURIN is set to be published next spring.

The book, which has been published previously only in excerpts, has been edited by Tolkien's son into a completed story. Christopher Tolkien has spent the past 30 years working on the book, an epic tale his father began in 1918 and later abandoned. The tale includes the elves and dwarves made famous in other Tolkien works.

"It has seemed to me for a long time that there was a good case for presenting my father's long version of the legend of the 'Children of Hurin' as an independent work, between its own covers," Christopher Tolkien said.

The new book will be published by Houghton Mifflin in the United States and HarperCollins in England. The real question now becomes, will MGM and/or New Line go after the big screen rights to the film?


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jamesdalton 9/19/2006 4:26:11 AM
J.K. Rowling should have wrote it. Or better yet, R.L. Stine. J.R.R. Tolkein's a complete hack.
jamesdalton 9/19/2006 4:34:11 AM
What are you talking about Dalton?!?! R.L. Stine is a hack!
jamesdalton 9/19/2006 4:35:12 AM
Yeah, whatever Dalton. Stine is the man!!! Why don't you go back to your second-rate Christopher Pike?
madmanic999 9/19/2006 7:04:11 AM
Even if you are kidding... a hack!? You don't have to love Tolkein's wriring style, but face facts, the guy was one of the greatest writers of our time.
snallygaster 9/19/2006 7:30:13 AM
Please don't feed the troll.
almostunbiased 9/19/2006 3:26:28 PM
#10 - goodwibr - try as Jackson did, he did not completely capture the 2nd two books. His movies are great, but he tweeked quite a bit on the later chapters. I was actually dissapointed that he added material when he took material out. But hell they were his movies and I'm glad he made them. Also Dalton is a schizophrenic. Also we already have an idea what Chris can do. He put a lot of the Silmirillion together, and of course those forgotten tales he edited as well. Now he's going by his dads work so I wonder how much will be his.
scytheofluna 9/20/2006 9:35:34 AM
Why were my profile and posts deleted? This happen to anyone else?
evilron 9/21/2006 1:48:21 PM
Yes. Same thing happened on posts for Peabody and Sherman's movie amongst others. I'm willing to give Chris a chance even if he is a pompous git. At least he's protective of his fathers work. By the by, happy 69th anniversary to the original publication of the Hobbit.
thelostemperor 11/3/2006 2:48:01 PM
*Possible spoiler ahead* Anyone who has read 'Unfinished Tales', previously released by Christopher Tolkien, will be familiar with the plot of the Children of Hurin. I find it hard to imagine this story will receive the same kind of interest as 'The Lord of the Rings', because it is one of the most sorrowful, tragic and bleak tales that Tolkien ever wrote. There is no happy cathartic moment where an evil ring gets tossed into flames, no joyful triumph of Good over Evil. This story is NOT about happy endings. Haunting and beautiful, yes, but NOT exactly optimistic. I would love to see a movie which stayed true to the bleak existential stoicism of this story, but I haven't yet seen a big budget film from Hollywood that does this sort of thing. Yes, we have tragic movies, but they are always based in a gritty realism, like 'Mystic River' for example. I have never seen the genre of Fantasy, which Hollywood views as an essentially escapist format, combined with the harsh, unrelenting fatalism that would be required for this story. It would be great to see, but I'm not holding my breath.
trollman 11/4/2006 4:19:10 PM
You want to talk about pleonastic writers then go no farther than Anne Rice. I like her stuff but you can say the same stuff with about 1/3 as many words. Frank Herbert was quite verbose too. I havent read any of his sons work so I don't know if he followed in dads footsteps. Chris Tolkein isn't as loquacious as his dad was, but is a pretty good writer using his dads base materials to work with.
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