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wish 8/20/2012 4:37:52 PM

I got to meet Tony Scott when I was a teenager in the 90's.  I got to tell him he was the best director in the world because me and my friends used to watch Top Gun, Days of Thunder, The Last Boyscout and True Romance over and over.  He laughed and thanked me with hearty handshake, clap on the shoulder and a genuine smile.  I've always been very thankful to have told him that.  we talked for a few minutes and he treated me like I was one of his best friends.   He was one of those people you felt an instant love for.  It was one of my life's best moments.

Top Gun was the very first VHS and then DVD I ever owned. 

Those 4 films along with Man on Fire are some of my favorite films of all-time.

I don't know why he did what he did but he had his reasons and rather than anyone coming on here and making this a debate about how you personally feel about suicide, I just want to say that having choice over everything in your life, including your life, is what true freedom is.  I'm choosing to respect Tony's right to end his life on his terms and I'm choosing to be very sad about it.  It's really too bad that some people are going to say negative things about him and what he did because he violated thier religon's rules or whatever, but that's what happens in a world where so many people want to control how you live and die.  And no matter what anyone says, it's got to take a lot of will-power to end your own life. I know that I wouldn't want to fight brain cancer at 68, but I doubt I'd have the will to end my life the way he did.  I'm thankful for his movies and it's really sad there won't be any more from him.

Wiseguy 8/20/2012 4:40:57 PM

Suicide is for cowards, doesn't make it any less sad or infuriating for those left behind.

True Romance, Crimson Tide and Man on Fire are the films that I'll remember him.

RIP Tony, although if some are right there won't be any rest for taking your life

Wiseguy 8/20/2012 4:44:11 PM

Maybe when I'm on my deathbed I'll see it differently

wish 8/20/2012 4:49:31 PM

"suicide is for cowards"  well wise, that's one opinion I guess, so here's another one, you're an asshole for saying that right now.

hanso 8/20/2012 4:52:06 PM

 He should've jumped into niagara falls man.  If ur going to end it, do something cool like that.

hanso 8/20/2012 4:53:50 PM

 Why didn't he wait a few more months?  World gonna end soon anyways.

He could've at least waited till phase 2 in 2015.

SarcasticCaveman 8/20/2012 5:01:50 PM

 Well said on your first bit, Wish...I wouldn't call anybody a coward or an asshole just right now though...we all know that sudden and unexpected death brings out all kinds of emotions in all kinds of people.  Only thing anybody can really do is work through it in his or her own way, and give some people a pass if they say something one may not agree with.

Wiseguy 8/20/2012 5:02:14 PM

What better time to say it than when it's relevant. He didn't want to face what's coming down the pike = coward. You = moron, that's also an opinion

hanso that isn't guaranteed death though, some have survived that

wish 8/20/2012 5:03:08 PM

You're right SC, and thanks.

wish 8/20/2012 5:13:44 PM

whatever asshole, I was about to apologize but you'd likely be too busy beating your chest to read it.

Anyone that's ever been sad enough to wish they were dead knows how hard it is to actually think about killing themselves, to commit to something so final takes a lot of guts, he chose not to suffer, but a warrior/ tough guy like you sees fighting as an only option.  He was 68, his fight would have been a drawn out surrender with lots of pain and suffering and very little hope, but that's how a real man does it right?  But it would have been fine if he sacrificed himself doing something heroic right? 

I like you wise and we agree on a lot but clearly not today.

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