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muchdrama1 2/21/2007 2:31:03 PM
McFarlane had a fine run at Marvel. I definitely loved his Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man runs. But then he got greedy and ran to form Image with a bunch of hacks (Liefeld, Valentino, Silvestri, etc...) and became fat and overconfident. Now he simply farms out crappy work to talentless nobodies to turn a buck. All the while stealing ideas and properties from their rightful owners (Gaiman, Twist, etc...). His day is done.
mauricem 6/22/2010 8:27:01 AM

This seems like a frivilous lawsuit except for two things. First, McFarlane has gone on record as saying that he names his

mauricem 6/22/2010 9:07:06 AM

This seems like a frivilous lawsuit except for a few things.

McFarlane admitted to the link between the comic character and the man. In the letter page of a 1994 issue of "Spawn" McFarlane said  “Antonio Twistelli, a/k/a Tony Twist, is actually the name of a hockey player of the Quebec Nordiques.” In a 1996 issue of Wizard he admitted to the links between Spawn and hockey players and a follow-up image showed the character dressed in a St. Louis Blues hockey uniform.

Spawn actively markets material to hockey fans using pucks and jerseys. These are hot items.

The character of "Tony Twist" was involved in murders, kidnappings and rapes on prostitutes and children.

There's a pretty detailed summary of the case here:

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