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Wiseguy 1/1/2010 1:01:19 PM

I won't argue how good AVATAR was with TKay because he had his mind set not to like it from the beginning. And looking for some deep message in a sci/fi fantasy film seems pretty ridiculous even if it is based on human history (behavior and past deeds) it is still meant to be a piece of entertainment first and foremost not a Discovery documentary. Anyway, anyone is free to hate or like it, luckily most like it. And btw the story is old but so are most stories, D-9 wasn't that much different when you think about it, nor was IronMan. We can play that "old story" game all year long. Cameron just improves on it as he has done with anything he's copied or was influenced by.

I guess I will argue after all :)

Oh, yeah I too liked Little Miss Sunshine, good acting across the board but not genre :)

Wiseguy 1/1/2010 1:19:12 PM

TKay, just hearing you say that at least it was entertaining feels like a victory :) I won't ask for anything more

And yeah I was joking about Little Miss Sunshine, though it was a one of those quirky comedies that work, for me at least, in a lot of levels.

Sunshine I've yet to see. But will check it out when I get a chance. Several here have spoken highly of it but never seem to run into when watching tv

jppintar326 1/1/2010 2:47:16 PM

Bryzarro:  How can someone rag the new Star Trek after seeing original Trek movies?

I can.  I found the new Trek as a desperate attempt to make more money out of a franschise that I felt had run its course.  There have been 10 movies, 5 TV series, and an animated series.  Am I really interested in seeing younger version of Kirk, Spock, & company.  No.  Wiliam Shatner and company were these characters.  Another actor playing him just felt wrong.  Plus, don't get me started on the ridiculous production design, especially the engine room.  I kept expecting to see guys shoveling coal to keep the engine running.  The bridge looked stupid.  Finally, the story was full of silly scenes and lacking logic.  Kirk becomes Captain fresh out of the Academy.  Think about it.  That is the equivalent of giving a cadet fresh out of the Naval Academy command of an Aircraft Carrier.

shadowprime 1/1/2010 3:51:26 PM


I don't generally "argue taste" with people, because I find it gets you nowhere. You never change anyone's mind - and I am not sure you should be able to. Did you like Movie X? Great - what does it matter what I thought of it? Did you HATE Movie X? Well, I doubt I am going to be able to talk you into liking it!

I think it is too soon to really assess AVATAR. "Best of.." lists almost always tend to be biased towards the recent, what is most fresh in your mind. Over time, I think, a more balanced perspective is generally achieved. From all I have heard, AVATAR has great effects, a great look, and a totally pedestrian script. Just sayin'. Maybe I am wrong. But how will folks look at AVATAR five years from now? Ten? Hard to say.

And yeah, gotta keep sticking up for TREK. I think they NAILED the characters. Kirk was SO James T Kirk - brash, cocky, smart, charasmatic, overconfident, swaggering, not PC, not afraid to mix it up. Spock - awesome. The story had its gaps, to be sure - I have yet to encounter a time travel story that didn't. But, IMHO - for whatever it is worth - the story DID show an understanding of the franchise, its characters and history, and provide an invigorating "reboot" that holds ENORMOUS promise.

But hey - again, chocolate and vanilla. We all like what we like.


PS  -  Still want to put in a good word for REVENGE OF THE SITH, at least for consideration!


Gideon 1/1/2010 4:09:13 PM

I have to take issue w/ "Let the Right One In." Sure the film had an interesting take or two on the dead-horse that is the Vampire mythos, but they are spread out between long periods of sheer boredom. I'm not afraid of a slow paced movie, but this one seems like it had too few things to say, however still needed to fill out a full length feature. 45 min to an hour at most and this one might have been great, as it is... meh. Moreover, as this list is concerned, this film generates nothing remarkable enough that poeple will recall it as one of the 2000's best genre films.

I'd also toss out "Children of Men." Sure, it wanted to be the "Blade Runner" of our generation, yet it wasn't even close... and since a fake pomposity that its better movie than it actually is, is the only reason people want to believe its great, I say replace it with a better movie like Solaris. I'm not sure it belongs in the top 10 genre films of the 2000's either, but if your list must have a scifi movie that makes you think, Solaris is far superior.

Otherwise, I agree with the rest - assuming the list is really citing the "most impactful" genre films, not so much the "best." Replace CoM with Star Wars: Sith and LROI with Harry Potter and I'd say you've nailed it. Maybe even shove Avatar in here? (Although its so fresh its hard to judge it appropriately, yet.) And no, not all of these additions are "Great" movies, but they "Good" movies and they will be remebered as the ones that made the biggest genre impact.

Finally, to the Star Trek haters out there, stop comparing the latest film to what you wish Star Trek could be VS. what it actually has been. Your rose colored memories of Trek have failed you. Yes, its always had briliant potential, but its also always been far from perfect. Taken on their own merrits, I challenge you to find more than but a couple examples, from of all the films and episodes ever made, that could be said to actually be "better" than J.J.'s Trek. Rewatch this stuff objectively and you'll see what I mean. People argue the logic of the new Trek (Kirk being Captain so fast and ETC.), but do they really reacall what they watched during the old series (ToS - ENT)? I can't begin to count how many times the stories would have some sorta irrational, non-logical approach to a scenario. You're defending a show filled to the brim with sillines, while attacking the latest incarnation for more of the same. "Think about it." In truth, I love it it all and Trek 2009 was exactly what the franchise needed.


DaForce1 1/1/2010 4:22:06 PM

JJ Abrahm's version of Star Trek was the dumbed down version of Trek for people who never liked Trek to begin with. Period. End of story.

Personally, I can't watch the LOTR trilogy because I find it boring beyond belief, BUT I can see it here on the list because of the impact it had on the movie going public and movies in general. It's the reason we now can have 2 plus hour movies made instead of condensing it into 90 minute crapsterpieces.

And while I love Iron Man as a movie, I'd probably replace it with either X-Men or Spider-Man simply because those were the two movies that essentially kick-started the serious superhero movie treatment. Granted, X-Men isn't the best movie ever made, but it does have the first ensemble character group to be shown on the screen outside of The Mystery Men.

Really if you look back on this decade, it's filled with a lot of genre movies, but not a lot of QUALITY genre movies (see the Star Wars prequels as examples). So this article did a pretty damn good job of nailing it on the head. The previous decades were a bit easier in comparison because you can see (in hindsight) what movies held up better than others to make your choices. This decade is still a bit too fresh in our minds to really make the final call (hence why people here still want to include the Star Wars prequels and JJ Abrahm's Trek).

bjordson 1/1/2010 5:51:16 PM

My list in no specific order except for number 1   :Lord of the Rings

then i would put Wall-E, Sunshine, The Prestige, Iron Man, Dark Knight, District 9, Spiderman, the Incredibles, Avatar.

We all have preferences and we all know what WE like. My list is not a declaration that my list is correct and yours is not.  I agree with a lot of the choices. 

kwsupes 1/1/2010 6:39:58 PM

Karas1 it is obvious that you and Jpp hated Star Trek as you have so many times, but what is also obvious is that you have no understanding of sarcasm when you hear it. Bottom line the new Trek was good in my opinion and I guess we all just need to agree to disagree and stop griping one way or another because I am really getting tired of fighting about it with people. If you didn't like the new movie fine, watch all of the old stuff. The rest of us can appreciate all of the Trek that has gone before and what is to come. We can move on and so can all of you who don't want to come along. It's cool. And I guess putting Avatar on the list would be too soon, let's see how it holds up in 2015 or 2020 before we make any lasting judgment.

keithdaniel 1/1/2010 7:14:25 PM

I have major issues with this list and I disagree with it more than the other lists from the previous decades. First off,how the hell can Casino Royale(2006)be left off the list? All it did was become arguably the best Bond of all-time and reinvigorated the most prolific and longest film franchise in history! You somehow had the first Pirates of the Carribean listed instead? That's outrageous! PotC is good but not great and should only be an honourable mention at best. How the hell can no Harry Potter movies make the list? Not only are they among the very best fantasy films of all-time but they also helped(along with LOTR)usher in a new age of fantasy adventures,something we haven't seen since the early 80's! On top of all that there is not one bad Potter film and that's quite an achievement considering how many there are now. Hanso,I don't think that the third Potter film,POA is the best of the series because even though I still think it to be a very good movie it's just too episodic and less grand than the others. I believe The Chamber of Secrets is the best Potter IMO! While the first Shrek is great I think the 2nd may be even greater. Good call,however,on Spiderman 2 and The Dark Knight as they are rated high and should be on this list as well as LOTR although they are three films and should be separated because that's cheating a bit even though I understand why it was done so because of the big continuity between them. At any rate,here are my top 10 of 2000-2009:


9.Batman Begins

8.Shrek 2

7.Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

6.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

5.The Fellowship of the Ring

4.Spiderman 2

3.The Dark Knight

2.Casino Royale

1.Return of the King

ROTK is not only the greatest fantasy adventure of all-time but was the first fantasy adventure to win a slew of Oscars(a record tying 11)including Best Picture. It's the best of the trilogy and when was the last time a third film of a series accomplished all that? It also did more with less in terms of budget($94million)having less than CR,($150million)TDK,($185million)and SP2($200million). It more than deserves it's place at the top!

karas1 1/1/2010 7:24:17 PM

Did I miss some sarcasm?  Oops.

Many people liked the new ST movie and I will admit that there were things about it to like.  It was an exciting action flick and if that's all you were looking for then it was a success.

But some of us were looking for more in a Star Trek film than an exciting action flick.  I and jpp and DaForce and Hobbs and some other mainacs were looking for a great film.  And it wasn't a great film.  It was a special FX extravaganza with lots of action.  And that's all.  If the majority of the movie going  audience was happy with that it makes me sad because Star Trek should be so much more  than that. 

Yes, most of the previous movies were, lets be honest, no more  than mediocre and I disliked that at the time.  Was ST V a bad film?  Yes it was.  Did  the various ST series have episodes that were bad or silly?  Sure.  But EVERY series has a few bum eps now and again.  After 3 seasons of TOS, 7 seasons of TNG, 7 seasons of DS9, and however many seasons of Voyager and Enterprise (I stopped watching because frankly, it got boring) it would be astonishing if there were no bad eps.

But when it was good it was very very good.  And that's what we wanted from the movie.  We wanted this new reboot to do it right and give us not only an exciting action film, but good science fiction as well.  And it didn't.  It let us down. 

It can be done.  The Matrix did it.  Terminator and Terminator 2 did it.  Aliens did it.  Star Wars did it (the original trilogy, not the disasterous prequels).  These were movies that were good science fiction and were exciting action movies and had heart and soul.

Were we expecting too much?  Maybe.  But it felt like nobody even attempted to make it more than an action film.  It's not like it tried and failed.  It didn't even try.  It delivered a slam bang action ride and didn't worry about little things like making sense, scientific accuracy or being true to the characters which were being portrayed.  It stuck some pretty people on a space ship and let them shoot at stuff and blow stuff up.  And display a little angst in counterfit of characterization.

That a whole generation of new viewers who aren't familliar with classic Trek will think that this is what Star Trek is supposed to be sticks in my craw.

And to put it anywhere near a list of the top 10 films of the decade is a travesty.  The only thing it was one of the top 10 of is top 10 disapointments and missed opportunities.

Kara S

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