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Hobbs 1/4/2010 12:27:10 PM

This is why I don't agree with judging movies on the same year.  In 5 years, Star Trek won't be on anyones top list once the honeymoon stage is over. 

When AFI did the greatest movies they didn't include the last 5 years or something like that for this reason alone.  Star Trek was an okay movie, better than part 5 not even in the same ballpark as part 2....


violator14 1/4/2010 3:16:18 PM

This list in general is obviously opinionated, unless u base it off box office numbers and DVD's etc. But like alot of the other Maniacs have said; I can't believe you left out AVATAR. It's only gonna be the number one movie of all time, and was the best movie i've seen since........ since....... uuuhhh......... not quite sure. The only other movies that came close to leaving me blown away after coming out of the theater like that,  had to be Transformers 1, Star Wars episode 2 (cuz of Yoda), Iron Man, and LOTR. ANyways. happy new years Maniacs!!  Im engaged too!!  hehe.

Dazzler 1/5/2010 4:41:19 AM

There is enough traffic on this threat to start a poll if powers that be is watching! 

Should do a top 10, maybe one from each year to be fair.  I am still looking for a list of only movies from last 10 years. 

Gideon 1/5/2010 9:08:03 AM

I'm good to disagree on Trek. Perfect - no. A fantastic reboot - absolutely! IMO, it was better than all of the previous Trek films... but, yeah sure, its message on the balance between reactive intuition and careful logic wasn't presented any stronger than that of the older Trek film's back and forth dance on the needs of the many and the needs of the one.

Now on to more controversy. Am I the only one who thinks that "Childern of Men" is overrated beyond belief?...that in the absense of many 00's "High Brow" genre films, people have decided that this one must fill that catergory and be lauded beyond its merrits? I'll admit that it wasn't a poorly directed movie, but I found its premise weak and unfortunately I also thought that its story did nothing to help it out - like it was just going through the motions. I guess I wanted some beats where I'd be forced to stop and think about the situation from a few different angles, not just stay hard fixed to "save the baby."

While "Let the Right One In", by contrast, did have a few really good ideas, this film also suffered from a weak supporting story. Here however, pacing and too many superfluous/tangential themes worked against the more inspired emphasis on a vampire's needs and relationships. The best example of how this focus is lost on what appears to be "just more added stuff the director/writer is interesested in," is the unneccesary attention payed to the film's setting/time period. Its as if the director really wanted to make a movie about the idosyncracies of Northern Europe in the 80's, but also had a Vampire love story that he wanted to tell. So, he just jammed the two together. Either would've likely been a stronger movie on their own. Certianly, it might have allowed him to fill the vampire movie wih stronger inbetween moments and a better sublplot than the teenage revenge bit.

Neither of these two were especially good movies in my book and certainly don't appear to be impactful genre films that the 00's will be remembered for. I'm not sure how they made the list beyond a desire to inject it with a fake snob appeal. Assuredly some (not all) of the movies on this list don't have premises or stories that are any stronger, but they do, at least,  have other qualities that will ensure that they are generally considered some of the most impactful examples of this decade. 

(Not sure about CoM, but I can assure you that LTROI will be all but forgotten come the end of the next decade) 

WonderGuy02 1/7/2010 1:07:35 PM

This really should have been put to a vote before written.  Seriously, Rob Worely what are you thinking?  Why is the catastrophe that is Let the Right One In even on this list?  Its a terrible film that drags on, and on, and on.  They left out so much from the book that could have improved it greatly.  Hopefully the Americanized version will do justice to the source material.  I'll have to agree with who ever in this massive list of comments said Spidey 1 was better than 2.  Beyond that based on your taste I'm surprised you didn't include Catwoman, X-Men 3, and Spidey 3 which were all equally craptacular.  Perhaps it's best if you add "In my opinion" to the end of this article's title that would help to show that this is not actually any form of official list whats so ever.

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