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JoeArtistWriter 12/31/2009 9:30:05 AM

midwest, easily Spike's best movie, but it's not a "genre" flick.

Hanso, I can't argue the pick for Scream. It deserves at least honorable mention for reviving and updating the horror genre. I guess I had dystopia on the brain when I did thiis list. Seems like most of the crowd agrees with you too. 

FilchX - I couldn't disagree more about your disapproval of 6th Sense on the list. It was certainly not obvious, and if you did get it before the reveal than bully for you, but I suspect you went in knowing there was a twist, and that's all you cared about.... figuring out the ending, and you never gave the movie a chance to entertain you. It's a great movie.

The MovieGuy28, thank you for taking up so much of my space telling Hanso how great he is.... aww hell, Hanso is great. I love you Hanso.

kwsupes, I  never saw Johnny Mnuemonic. (or however it's spelled) It looked like crap, and I didn't feel the need to plunk down dollars to prove my theory... glad to know I was right.  ;)

jppintar, come on... The Matrix deserves the list. No questions. The sequels didn't live up to the original, but the original can be watched over and over. Love that movie. Total Recall was great, and I really considered it. It pained me to leave that one off, but Phantom Menace? You're shaking your credibilty now.

Hanso, I didn't think of Ground Hog Day. I'd consider it more of a straight comedy, but I suppose it's as genre as Back to the Future.... just more subtle. Not sure I would have included it anyway, but it is an excellent movie.

EagleManiac, I'll be honest, i didn't want to do the 90's. I would have prefered to do the 70's. That's when genre was really finding itself and inventing new ways of storytelling. Again, Phantom Menace is such crap I almost can't talke you seriously, but I see your point. I just refuse to care about it.   ;)

DaForce1 12/31/2009 9:44:10 AM

Why is Army of Darkness missing from this list? It easily trumps Strange Days or Dark City. It's horror, it's comedy, it's got time travel AND it has Bruce Campbell AND Sam Raimi.

JoeArtistWriter 12/31/2009 9:51:35 AM

evilbeagle, I pushed for Pulp Fiction, but I guess it's not really "genre" enough for the list. I like hosiery too... have you just started your own fetish list? Cause if so, I'm in.... Put me down for watching women apply make-up in those small compacts.... I have no idea why, but that one does it for me.... Anyone else want to add to evilbeagle's fetish list?

MrJawBreaking......, ID4 sucked. Thank you. It sucked people. SUCKED!

Wiseguy, I like your Darkman call. I blanked on that one... still don't think it cracks the top ten, but I never even considered it... good mention.

EagleManiac, Jurassic Park needs to be on the list for everything that came after....AND it was a great popcorn movie. Seven and Braveheart again.... they weren't "genre" enough for the list. (I did sneak Braveheart in the opening paragraph though.)

ThemanG01, is that a question? "Cause my answer is F@ck yeah Toy Story. What? Too cool for Toy Story? Toy Story is movie magic, my man. You can be real here, pal. We won't judge you for enjoying Disney. Toy Story for the effects alone makes the list, but it's a great f@cking story... it's so great they should have called it "Great F@cking Toy Story."

dnbritt, I didn't see your post, because I can't read anything from Spaceball supporters. Damn that movie was shit. They should have called that movie, "Spaceballs - Damn thiis Movie is Sh*t."

AFWICK14, wow.... you like ID4, and my list is bad? ID4 sucks! SUCKS! If they called that movie "ID4 SUCKS" I'd still sue for false advertising, because they should have called it, "Here's a plate piled high with cold fecal matter on it, now eat this plate of cold fecal matter, and give us some money to do it, and afterwards, we're going to give you more cold fecal matter. And if you don't eat it all, we'll give you more cold fecal matter to eat." BTW, I hope no one adds that to evilbeagles fetish list.  ;)



JoeArtistWriter 12/31/2009 9:54:20 AM

DaForce, that's another one I wanted on the list, but there are only ten spots, and there's also a bunch of people who have a say in the list too. I suppose I could have fought it, but I felt the list was good enough not to cause a stink.

ThemanG01 12/31/2009 10:06:30 AM

Toy Story just doesn't seem very genre to me.  Great kids movies of the 90's, sure.  Genre, not so much.

hanso 12/31/2009 10:08:32 AM

Lol, that's a really long title for a movie Joe.  The studio probably couldn't fit it in a poster so they decided on Independence Day instead.

Did you get to write the 2000s list too?

JoeArtistWriter 12/31/2009 10:08:59 AM

ThemanG01, I see Toy Story as fantasy, so that works as far as genre. It's a kid's movie, but all great Disney movies can still wow adults. Pinnochio and Snow White still blow me away.

JoeArtistWriter 12/31/2009 10:13:38 AM

Hanso, no I only wrote the 90's list, but my next article is "Movies That We Loved as a Kid, But No Longer Hold Up." (or something like that) I'm betting that will cause some debate. Sorry, but it needed to be done.

For the record, ID4 is no better than Twister, and I don't have the time to write what that movie should have been called.

gauleyboy420 12/31/2009 10:35:59 AM

I couldn't read the rest of the list after I read the unnessecary and WAY OFF BASE, and FALSE bashing on Spaceballs, and Mel Brooks...


ONE. SPACEBALLS WAS AND IS HILARIOUS! Plenty of great one liners, and just a brilliant movie. JOE YOU SUCK (When it comes to Brooks at least)

TWO... SPACEBALLS WAS AND IS HILARIOUS! Plenty of great one liners, and just a brilliant movie. JOE YOU SUCK (When it comes to Brooks at least)


The rest of the list, yeah whatever, can't get past the bull$hit bashing of Spaceballs...


UH, But you did forget INDEPENDENCE DAY!

C'MON! Joe stop trying to think of the most obscure movies you liked from the 90's and really put a good list together...

gauleyboy420 12/31/2009 10:39:16 AM

ID4 didn't suck, and it was one of the most visually pleasing movies of the decade... definitey deserves a spot on this list...

Can't respect any of your opinions after the Spaceballs bashing...

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