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Top 10 Lord of the Rings Toys

Cue the Concerning Hobbits track

By Robert T. Trate     December 09, 2011


It is hard to believe that the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is ten years old this year. As I sat in the theater ten years ago I had no idea what to expect. I never read “The Hobbit” and only read a tad of “The Fellowship of the Ring” (as far as the Prancing Pony). When I left the theater I was obsessed and couldn’t wait the whole year to see what happened next. Not only did I see the film again and again, I started equipping my desk with Toy Biz’s Lord of the Rings figures. So without further eloquence here is Mania’s Top 10 Lord of the Rings Figures.
10. The Electronic Light & Sound Sting Sword

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

It was completely badass. It lit up and made that awesome sword clanging noise. Sting is also the toy to take with you into the premiere of The Hobbit next year
9. King of the Dead

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

He was the only one of his kind. The King of the Dead is the only warrior from the Dwimorberg (the Haunted Mountain) to make into action figure form. Perfect in detail and complete with a glow in the dark hue, The King easily makes our list.
8. Cave Troll

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Is there not something completely sympathetic to the Cave Roll when he dies? Like a tortured creature who really didn’t want to fight? Toy Biz’s Cave Troll is an amazing 10-inch figure (first in the LOTR line) that is completely poseable and has a club swinging motion. The details are amazing to this barbaric but sad figure. 
7. Treebeard

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

There was a 7-inch version of Treebeard but who in their right mind would want that? The one true Treebeard figure to have was the electronic talking Ent. This one stood at an astounding 15 inches tall, perfect for the Merry and Pippin figures.
6. Lord Sauron

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Here is another figure of which there was more than one version. One was a smaller 7-inch figure and another was just the all-seeing eye. All great movies and action figure sets need a menacing villain. The 12-inch Electronic Sauron is that villain/ figure. It even said, "There is no life in the void", "I see you", "You cannot hide", and "Build me an army worthy of Mordor". Topping all that were red glowing eyes. Perfect!
5. Fellbeast with Rider

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

It was a toss up between this and the Nazgul with the black horse. However, a winged creature in service of the enemy with a wing span over 12-inches has to make the list. It was roto-molded for the best possible articulation and details that were mind-boggling. Sadly, they never made the Eagles into figures for Fellbeast to rip into.
4. Saruman

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

We just love Christopher Lee here at Mania. It doesn’t matter if he appears in a Hammer Film, Burton Flick or the Star Wars Prequels. We’ll always add a Christopher Lee figure to any list.
3. Elrond

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Lord Elrond didn’t do much fighting in the LOTR films. However, that prelude, with Elrond in full armor, gets the imagination stirring. Hopefully something of the second Hobbit movie will have Elrond (Hugo Weaving) kicking some ass.
2. Two Towers Helms Deep Set

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Sure, we could buy all the Heroes of the LOTR Trilogy individually, but why? Here is the Two Towers Helms Deep set. It also includes a figure of Haldir’s, which is the only way you can get it. Completists, this is your starting point or one of your essential buys.
1. There and Back Again Box Set

Greatest Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Here are all four Hobbits and the one (older version) that got the whole story going, Bilbo. Though there are several other versions of each of the Hobbits (warrior, disguised, and so fourth) it all starts here with these few who took on that dangerous business and went out their front door.
Robert Trate writes two other weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Geek Life. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings, Cosplay photos and film criticisms.


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karas1 12/9/2011 5:28:19 AM

You know, instead of waiting a year to see The Two Towers you could have just read the books...

jedibanner 12/9/2011 5:41:28 AM

Read books Karas1????

What's a book....

But seriously though, with so many adaptation from books to movie, LOTR was one of those (in my view anyway) where both are seperate, have their own merit and for me, I read the boks after seeing each movies to see the difference between all of them and it was fun to wait and not knowing what was going to happen (cause I didn't remember from when i read them when I was a child).


Wyldstaar 12/9/2011 8:57:39 AM

Is it just me, or does the Lord Elrond action figure's face look more like Adam Baldwin than Hugo Weaving?

Kaziklu 12/9/2011 9:09:43 AM

Never read a book before a movie, it ruins the movie.

Wiseguy 12/9/2011 9:39:38 AM

That is so true, if you haven't read the book you may as well wait for the film before reading the book. You'll enjoy both more that way. The book is almost always going to be better because it's ultimately your imagination combined with the writers words that paint the best picture. Reading the book afterwards will at worst enhance the characters but ultimately it'll take you deeper into pretty much all aspects

Plus you never hear the book should've followed the film closer it's always the opposite

TheMovieGuy28 12/9/2011 9:54:57 AM

I worked at Toys R Us from 2000-2003, and I got to be graced with the release of the PS2, the X Box, and the entire LOTR set. The Sauron figure would always get button pushed by me a thousand times per shift b/c of how bad ass his voice sounded, and we'd have sting fights all over the store.

These toys kicked most heinous ass

themovielord 12/9/2011 12:12:00 PM

 Karas1, I was reading the Potter Books at the time. But you're right I could have drove into the books. I even made my own book mark with all the characters faces on it so I knew who they were. 

Telcontar 12/10/2011 2:37:53 PM

There are only two figures of Sauron, the 12 inch version and the Eye of Sauron. There was no 7 inch version. And the King of the Dead isn't the only figure of his kind, there was a Soldier of the Dead figure in the Pelennor Fields gift pack from Return of the King.

demonfire 12/11/2011 2:25:13 PM

nice list. have to agree the electronic 15 inch tree beard is the way to go for it does the character justice by making him the way he is suppose to be big. and who could pass up having christopher lee on this list for he nailed Sauramon. though chris lee adds the flair to any role he does.

SarcasticCaveman 12/12/2011 3:28:50 PM

 I guess this doesn't qualify as a "toy", but I got my friend the LOTR chess set from Toy R' Us that Christmas.  Very cool set.

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