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Top 10 Must Have Toys from Toy Fair 2010

The Toy Maniac’s Picks for TF 2010

By Robert T. Trate     February 26, 2010

Gygor from MOTU Classic by Mattel
© Mattel/Bob Trate


So last week your Toy Maniac brought you all the latest from Toy Fair. Many of the companies present stated that even more toys will be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con. I for one will be in attendance and look forward to see you all there as well. Last week I highlighted what I thought was the best of what Mattel, Hasbro and Mezco had to offer. This week I wanted to feature what I thought were the Top 10 Must Have Toys at Toy Fair. Your opinion will probably be different than mine but since we read Mania and love toys, I am sure we will have a lot in common. Many of these toys are not out yet but I have gone so far as to supply links to their websites and Entertainment Earth who is already taking some pre-orders.
10. Black Manta

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Mattel
I have never been a big of fan of MEGO style dolls. Being old enough to remember how terrible they were compared to the 3.75 inch figures the Star Wars Kenner era ushered in I was glad to see them go. A few years ago I found myself picking up a Planet of the Apes Dr. Zaius. I realized that the artistry and retro-coolness of these figures is something to take a second look at. Black Manta is cunning, cool and a perfect edition to my toy shelf. One has to wonder why they ever made an Aquaman figure to begin with. Manta makes old Arthur look dorkier than ever before. Entertainment Earth is already taking pre-orders.
9. Twilight Zone Dolls

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Bif Bang Pow!
I am a huge fan of the show and how can anyone not be. These dolls feature some of the quintessential spooks from the show. They are in the MEGO style but this is perfectly suited for the property and the era in which they come from. At long last there is another Richard Kiel figure to pick up. Bif Bang Pow! please keep up the good work! From right to left are: the Gremlin, Jason Foster, Kanamit (Kiel) and the Devil. Preorder them on Entertainment
8. Mez-itz Beetle juice

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Mezco Toyz
NECA has put out a few hyper real Beetle Juice action figures in the past two years. I prefer Mezco’s interpretation of the character in their Mez-itz line. Both funny and creepy it captures the character perfectly that Michael Keaton brought to life. There is another one in his black and white striped suit but I prefer the red tuxedo. The hair is just icing on the cake.
7. Beachhead

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Hasbro
Not being a huge fan of the new movie I stayed away from many of Hasbro’s new interpretations of the G.I. Joe characters. Thankfully Hasbro is expanding the line with non-movie characters and creating new likenesses outside of the actors who portrayed them. Beachhead was the last favorite character of mine in the original line before I discovered girls and music. Well now that I am married and have a full iPod Beachhead has once again become my new favorite. I’ll have to scour the shelves for this one but he’s worth it. Unfortunately there isn’t an exact date yet for Beachhead but Hasbro stated he’ll be in the first wave of the spring.
6. 12 inch Kick-Ass

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Mezco Toyz
Mezco Toyz will have 12 inch and 6 inch Kick-Ass figures. The Red Mist and Hit-Girl (see picks) will be out as well. I loved the comic and a Kick-Ass action figure is a no brainer. However I would prefer a 12 inch figure for the toy shelf. That ugly green and yellow costume needs to stand out above all the rest. It is a perfect conversation piece and one that will get many of the non-comic readers interested. With the movie only little over a month away neither Mezco nor Entertainment Earth is taking pre-orders. Haven’t they seen the trailer yet (see new red band trailer)?

Toy Fair 2010

This is what Skeletor looked like beforehand kids! Did you also know that he was the half brother to King Randor? That makes him He-Man’s uncle. I never knew the Masters of the Universe was so Shakespearean. Whether or not he’ll be a SDCC exclusive remains to be seen but I gotta have me some Keldor.
4. Galactus

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Hasbro
Big, bad and beautiful this Galactus, when I debuted him last week, made many of your must have lists (by your comments). Originally I wanted to build him from the Marvel Legends line but didn’t want half the guys they packaged him with. Now for the same price I can have Galactus and he’ll be even taller too. Check out the pictures from the Marvel Toy Fair premiere to see the size of Galactus next to regular the Marvel Universe figures.
3. Pre Vizsla

Toy Fair 2010

Company: Hasbro
I hate conceding to how bad ass the Mandalorians are but Pre Vizsla brought back everything to the race that Episode 2 diminished. I am not taking anything away from Jango or Boba but Death Watch on the Cartoon Network has helped solidify what those of us who watch the show already know. Star Wars is cool again. Pre Vizsla being voiced by Iron Man’s director Jon Favreau doesn’t hurt either.
2. Gygor

Toy Fair 2010

Apparently Gygor was in the works at the end of the MOTU line from the eighties. Like Battle Cat he was based on another mold from the Big Jim toy line. Much like Wun-Dar he was never produced. Gygor at Toy Fair immediately grabbed my attention. Then again how can a big yellow gorilla, wearing armor and holding a battle axe not? The MOTU Classic line from MattyCollector is quickly becoming my favorite toy line. It is perfect for the die hard fan and the serious collector.
1. Slave 1

Toy Fair 2010

Toy Fair 2010


Company: LEGO

Toy Fair for some is about the artistry. Many of the action figures I have in the Top 10 Must Haves clearly fall into that category. I have always felt that toys should be about imagination too. Any toy that sparks a child’s mind forcing them to either create their own world or their own adventure accomplishes that goal. The perfect blending of artistry and imagination is Lego’s Slave 1. Yes, it is a Star Wars toy complete with Boba Fett, Bossk and Han Solo. It does come with plans to build a more complete Slave 1 than the previously released edition. Yet as I looked at it I saw numerous other vehicles and adventures just waiting to spring to life. The stress of the real world for many of us is often released at the barrel of a 3rd person shooter video game. When I stood there and looked at all those Lego pieces I found a calm and inspiration that I hadn’t had since I was little kid. Slave 1 is without a doubt my must have Toy Fair toy for 2010.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on



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Betenoire 2/26/2010 2:45:28 AM

I don't know, the new Slave 1 looks a bit to close to the last Lego one for me to justify what will likely be a fairly sizable pricetag... For me I'll go with the Galactus fig (as I have the 8" (?) or so one from the Surfer line that came with Surfer in a ball-note, Surfer is no longer Silver... and the larger one that has sounds including the line "I hunger."


Beyond that I am looking at some of the new Transformers from the game and some of the new Joes (Right, I need another Snowcat...) but for sure the Star Wars Cloud Car and AT AT will be mine.

Darkknight2280 2/26/2010 4:33:02 AM

Yeah Galactus will be mine!!!!!

ddiaz28 2/26/2010 5:58:09 AM

Where is the big ATAT?  That should definitely be on this list.  That thing looked awesome.  I even like the Galactic Heroes version.

themovielord 2/26/2010 8:27:09 AM

Big AT-AT is on the must wait list... just like the AT-TE. Wait for it to go on sale!

DaForce1 2/26/2010 9:35:38 AM

Galactus, definitely. But the thing that really caught my eye? Well, two things...the remote controlled Iron Man from Hasbro, and the AT-AT (also from Hasbro).

themovielord 2/26/2010 11:14:35 AM

Betenoire, I went tot he LEGO store and checked out the difference. The new SLave 1 was has a lot more finite details!

themovielord 2/26/2010 11:21:26 AM

Betenoire, I went tot he LEGO store and checked out the difference. The new SLave 1 was has a lot more finite details!

DarthDuck 2/26/2010 11:33:34 AM

I'm all in for the top 5 on your list.  As for the first 5, I guess me not buying them means more for everyone else!

I really wanted Keldor to be a subscription figure so I wouldn't have to do battle on Matty Collector!  Oh well.

themovielord 2/26/2010 12:22:30 PM

Betenoire, I went tot he LEGO store and checked out the difference. The new SLave 1 was has a lot more finite details!

violator14 2/26/2010 3:16:42 PM

I remember when i used to collect Spawn toys. They were the SHIIEETT!!! Also TMNT action figures were the best!

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