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Top 10 Thor Toys

Loki and a Frost Giant make the cut

By Robert T. Trate     May 06, 2011

Mania’s Top 10 Thor Toys
© Marvel/Bob Trate


The God of Thunder finally comes to Earth with the movie Thor. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber breathed comic book life into this mythological character back in 1962. Since then, there have been plenty of t-shirts, posters, and toys. With the Thor movie about to hit us like a hammer, let us look at the Top 10 Thor toys of today and yesterday.

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

Styled after the Asgardian’s iconic wing-tipped helmet, this toy is clearly for kids. If that is true then why is it that I saw so many people wearing them on their Facebook profiles? Before you know it, we will see Captain America mask profile pictures as well.

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

I am bit biased on this one for one reason. My cousin, who was and is a huge Thor fan, once made his own hammer; a hammer made of wood. Getting hit with that was no picnic. Thank you Hasbro. Now, no one else will have to feel the wraith of a wooden Mjolnir.

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

Complete with electronic sounds and a launching projectile, Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is a no brainer when it comes to Thor Toys. If only Hasbro would have released a Thor cape, too. We’ll probably see that come Halloween.

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

The Marvel Universe Thor (or as I call him the J. Michael Strancyski Thor) is our modern Thor action figure; a perfect rendering of Olivier Coipel’s artwork from Strancyski’s re-launch of the character.
6. Thor Movie Figure The Destroyer

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

The Destroyer is already ripping up the trailers in the Thor movie. This figure, with its glowing chest, looks to be the one to get from the Thor movie line.
5. Thor Frog God of Thunder Mini-Bust

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

Though not necessarily a toy, this Mini-Bust is the only official likeness of Thor as the Frog God of Thunder. Hasbro, we need a figure of Thor in this guise.

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

The Marvel Legend series took a diversion and did an entire Hulk wave. In that wave was a build-a-figure of Fin Fang Foam. His 15 inches makes him perfect for the new Marvel Universe 3.75 inch line. The added bonus was all the Hulk figures were actually worth getting.
3.Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

Created by Walt Simonson, he is both friend and ally to Thor. Beta Ray Bill is an essential Thor figure for any collector. Need Beta Ray Bill? This one was from the MODOK wave of the Marvel Legends series.
2. Marvel Universe's Gigantic Battles Savage Frost Giant and Loki

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

The 12 inch Frost Giant is Thor’s second most perfect nemesis, in action figure form. The first comes with the Frost Giant in this set, Loki. This Wal-Mart exclusive is now a highly sought after figure. Hasbro makes so few of these giant figures making each a collectors dream.
1. Marvel Legends Series 3 Thor

Top 10 Thor Toys from Marvel

This is an incredible likeness of the God of Thunder as if directly from the Avengers comic book. This figure is already selling for 5 times its original value online. He is a perfect addition to the Gods that protect your desk top. Just keep him in mint condition.
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Robert would like to thank: Chip, Rich, and Joey for allowing him to write 150 Toy Maniac Columns for Mania. In all honesty, he never thought he would get pass 20. Besides playing with toys, Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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demonfire 5/8/2011 3:13:26 PM

i have to admit the Loki Ice giant pack is a must have for any thor collection for the ice giant is  outstanding though his size makes him a pain to pose . beta ray bill agree is a must have for thor fans.   the ml thor figure is perfect for any marvel collection nails the character. love the list.

jfdavis 5/11/2011 2:44:06 PM

What does Fing Fang Foom have to do with Thor toys? (Or Hulk?) Isn't that an Ironman character/creature?

themovielord 5/11/2011 6:20:58 PM

(Thor II#80 (fb)-BTS) - Thor slew Fin Fang Foom, and used his bones and skull to construct the tomb of Eitri in Ymir-Krul. The tomb was subsequently destroyed by Loki.



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