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vassago41301 12/11/2008 12:49:15 PM

@ tjanson and robbo: Manthing was not a planned madefortv. It was going to be a theatrical release.

@tjanson: "it's not technically super hero in nature." Neither Batman, barbwire, steel, catwoman, judge dredd, the punisher, the shadow, or phantom have superpowers therefore NOT SUPERHEROES!

hanso 12/11/2008 12:51:45 PM

How is Popeye a superhero!?

hanso 12/11/2008 12:55:51 PM

This list needs to be edited.  Remove Popeye, Daredevil & 60s Batman!! 

Worst "The top worst 15 Superhero films of all time" List.

1. The top worst 15 Superhero films of all time by Tim Janson.

other 14 entries are still being looked at but there is a place for Wiseguy in there and he knows why!

AMiSHPiRATE 12/11/2008 1:25:41 PM

 @ vassago41301:  I'm all for calling people out on jumbling their declarations, but the catwoman from the movie and the shadow have powers.  Catwoman has enhanced "cat" powers and the Shadow has the power to cloud men's minds.  I'd also be inclined to count Steel having powers in the same way Iron Man has powers.  As for batman?  He has the power to move you.

On a side note, Mania's own comic book expert Kurt Amacker states boldly in a review of the Punisher, "You see, the Punisher is not a superhero." Huh.
guyfawkes 12/11/2008 1:29:18 PM

How did Tim Janson screw up? Let me count the ways. There's two big ones.

Batman (1966) is a bad comic book movie? How old are you? Does your limit of comic book movies stop and start with the X-Men movies? Have you ever watched or appreciated a film made before 1990?

Batman (1966) is a great comic book film with some performances that are a hoot. Adam West is priceless to watch on the screen as he delivers his lines with a nice mixture of pathos and deadpan accuracy. Burgess Meredith is the Penguin. Period. Nobody is ever going to top what Meredith did in the role and as far as I'm concerned the two name that I associate with Batman and the Penguin are Adam West and Burgess Meredith. The film is lively, action packed and highly entertaining. You can tell the film was a lot of fun to make as there is not one bad performance in it. The medium of this film is camp, ladies and gentlemen. If you were expecting to see The Dark Knight, than this is not the movie for you and there is no swaying you. The film is a great nod to the Batman comics of the Dick Sprang era. But to call this a bad comic book movie is a falsehood. If anything this film should be in the top 10 comic book movies of all time.

POPEYE. Ironically it would be the same type of category the above mentioned Batman film would be. It is campy. But the casting of POPEYE is dead on. I"m glad that Robert Altman chose the people he did to play the residents of Sweet Haven as they are perfect matches. Every time I see Paul L. Smith in anything I think, "There's Bluto." Smith pulls off Bluto perfectly with every sneer and menacing glance. Shelley Duvall is spot on as Olive Oil, and casting Robin Williams in the lead role was a stroke of genius. The production designs are outstanding. The supporting cast is well put together as we see a cavalcade of exceptional supporting actors like Bill Irwin. Okay, its no Citizen Kane, but for a kid who grew up on the Max Fleischer cartoons, comic books and funny paper strips its a loving re-creation. Tim Janson I'm willing to bet doesn't even know who Max Fleischer is let alone watched one of his cartoons to appreciate what Altman and company created.

Stick to commenting on what you know about, Tim. That's my advice to you.

lister 12/11/2008 1:54:08 PM
This again? Yawn.
Wiseguy 12/11/2008 2:08:40 PM

These lists do what they're meant to do, create debate. Nice job TJ, don't feed into the negativity. And you're right about Man-Thing, it was released on tv first. That should be enough to qualify as made for tv. Toy Story 2 was intended for dvd but no one says it was made for dvd. I think it was Toy Story2, one of those Disney films anyway


br003 12/11/2008 2:08:46 PM

Dang, late again.. stoopid christmas shopping.  No X Men or He Man? Daredevil and Batman should definitley stay on the list. Should be just 15 Worst Comicbook Movies.


If that's coverd fine, I wasn't gonna read all those reponses... pfffht!

hanso 12/11/2008 3:06:32 PM

Wiseguy you suckup!!! 

javaone 12/11/2008 3:39:01 PM

I actually thought the Ang Lee version of Hulk was a complete crapfest, and deserves a spot on the list.

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