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Top 6 Clash of the Titans Toys

Not Hyping just Remembering

By Robert T. Trate     March 12, 2010

The Toy Maniac’s Top 6 Clash of the Titans Toys
© Bob Trate


Usually this type of Toy Maniac column falls the week of or the week before the new release tie-in comes out. After witnessing Alice in Wonderland’s makeshift 3D effects and knowing that the new Clash of Titans (2010) is being forced into the 3D format I thought now was as good a time as any to enjoy the original Clash of the Titans (1981). Having recently reviewed the Blu-ray (see column) I got sucked into that original hype that affected me as a little kid. I immediately wanted some Clash of the Titans toys. Now there is a new Perseus figure by NECA toys in Sam Worthington’s likeness. This figure is all right but I’ll wait to pick it up after I see the film. It isn’t even close to being as cool as Mezco’s Wolfman figure. Despite how terrible that film was that figure is worth picking up.
Back in 1981 Mattel (quickly becoming my new favorite toy company) released six Clash of the Titans toys. Perseus, Pegasus, Charon, Thallo, Calibos and the Kraken were the only toys available to act out your adventures in this crazy new world. There were other figures planned for release but unlike Kenner’s Star Wars figures this line died a quick death. In honor of those six toys (see original ad below) I thought I would pick the top 6 Clash of the Titans toysof all time. Now the problem with most, if not all, of these toys is that many are out of circulation. Thankfully the internet is ripe with stores, collector sites and eBay to help you find all the items on this list.


Mattel’s Clash of the Titans


6. Wrath of the Titans Perseus


Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

There is a new cartoon called Wrath of the Titans which hit DVD shelves this week. I watched the trailer on Youtube and it left me a little leery on picking it up. I did happen to find that Go Hero is producing a Perseus figure, along with Flash Gordon, Sinbad w/ Humunculus and Skeleton Warriors. The figure is not on par with a Sideshow Collectible or even a Mezco Toyz figure yet it has a certain retro coolness that delivers a Clash of the Titans figure in a MEGO format. The accessories and Bubo are incredible and despite his face not looking exactly like Harry Hamlin it is close enough. Entertainment Earth is already taking pre-orders for this 1:6 scale figure.
5. Calibos’ Lair Play Set

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

Unfortunately this falls into the category of never been produced. Yet there exists a picture of it. Wouldn’t that mean there has to be one somewhere out there? Not many villains get a stronghold or a play set. Cobra had to wait almost to the end of G.I. Joe’s original run before they got their Terror Dome. If that second wave of Mattel Clash of the Titans toys would have arrived Calibos’ lair, though pretty basic, would have been a sweet play set. I think the reason why this toy line failed was because all the villains, minus the goddesses Thetis, died. How can the adventure continue with no one left to fight? Still it is an incredible play set.
4. Pegasus with Perseus

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

The winged horse and his new master came together in a box set. Imagine getting this for your birthday, opening them up and taking off on a new adventure. What makes this toy so collectible, if you do actually find one, is have two toys out of the six produced in the whole line. Some detail would have been nice on Pegasus but since it was from the eighties I’d be happy just to have it.
3. Clash of the Titans Bubo Statue

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

This Gentle Giant wonder was limited to only 500 pieces. Bubo stood at seven inches and either makes the perfect accessory to your Perseus costume or the biggest piece of Clash of the Titans paraphernalia sitting on your desk. Good luck finding one. 
2. The Kraken

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

Standing at an impressive fifteen inches tall the Kraken is the crown jewel in the original Mattel line. Finding one in the box or complete is nearly impossible. More often than not this bad boy went up against the Godzilla in your collection or met a watery grave in your swimming pool. I saw one of these once for all of about five minutes when I was kid. It was beyond cool. One would think that the Kraken would easily have taken the number one spot on the list. It would have if it weren’t for the craftsmanship of number 1.
1. The Creatures from Clash of the Titans

Mattel’s Clash of the Titans

Again Gentle Giant has out done themselves. They produced these nine inch rotocast creatures in perfect likenesses of their movie counterparts. To stare at Medusa now is to wonder about the love the sculptor must have had for this film. The Kraken is flawless and simply needs to be doused with water for that final touch. Out of the three, Calibos is the one that I would easily sacrifice the other two for. The Lord of the Marsh never had a good figure made back in the eighties and this likeness reveals the true monster he was. Sadly these rotocast creatures are no longer being produced.
As of now Mezco Toyz and NECA both have a few new Clash of the Titans figures planned. It seems strange that no one, especially Sideshow Collectibles, is producing toys based on the original film. The Go Figure Perseus is close but it is based more on the new comic than the original film. I think Laurence Olivier as Zeus sitting on his throne or Calibos sitting on his would be an easy sell to collectors and fan boys of this classic eighties film.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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Chris Beveridge 3/12/2010 6:37:24 AM

 I had so many of those!

DarthDuck 3/12/2010 7:35:51 AM

And I have none of these!  I'll probbaly snatch a few of the new one though.

I always liked Artoo, oh sorry I mean Bubo, but he won't be in the new movie.

CaptAmerica04 3/12/2010 9:09:18 AM

OMG!!  I had a few of those!!  I think I still have Pegasus somewhere in a box, minus one wing (they always slipped out).

scytheofluna 3/12/2010 3:52:27 PM

Hot Toys is doing figs for the new film in 12 inch format.  They will own.  Neca's smaller stuff is good for what it is too.

6dra6on6 3/12/2010 4:21:16 PM

The only thing I got from COTT way back when was first place prize from the sweepstakes just before the movie opened. Can any of you remember how they printed a character from the movie in the comics section, then you took it to your local toy store where they had a display and you looked to see if your character was on the winners list? I had a Pegusus and a Kracken and Pegusus was the first prize which was a COTT watch. Grand prize was a trip for two to Greece. I still have the watch somewhere cause it's the ONLY thing I've ever won.

tovuk 3/12/2010 4:40:02 PM

Never owned any, but those look pretty good.

Walker 3/12/2010 9:37:03 PM

 The old Kraken looks so much better than the generic lizard/troll they have now.

creekwoodkid 3/13/2010 6:29:27 AM

The Kraken was pretty cool. I had many a battle royale between the Kraken, Godzilla, Rodan, and a couple of Shogun Warriors, whose names I have forgotten, when I was a kid. I think I donated them to a local daycare when I "grew up", Doh!

Jasinner 3/17/2010 12:12:39 PM

 I had the Kraken, he always fought against my Masters Of the Universe. I actually thought thats where he belonged even though he was never in the cartoon and I remember he felt like he was made of different stuff.



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