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Top Ten Genre Broadcast TV Ratings (Oct. 1-7)

BUFFY opens strong, but ALIAS still remains at top of genre list.

By Frank Kurtz     October 11, 2001
Source: USA Today

Return of the Buffy-bot on the "Bargaining" episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.
© 2001 UPN

The season opening two-hour episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER on UPN did very well for the network, though in overall broadcast genre programming, it still turned up in the 6th slot tied with a SIMPSONS repeat. Though tied according to Nielsen's arcane rating system, BUFFY actually looks to have 1.3M more viewers than THE SIMPSONS. Go figure.

Meanwhile, though it lost some viewers who watched the premiere the week before, ENTERPRISE did very well hanging on tight to its third slot, behind ABC's ALIAS and CBS' THE AGENCY.

With this new season, UPN currently has the overall ratings edge over The WB... but we're just getting started here.

CBS also looks to have a quiet little success in WOLF LAKE, which though it lost some numbers in overall viewers, has, as reported, risen in the crucial 18-36 age group viewership.

Other premieres this week included The WB's CHARMED and UPN's SPECIAL UNIT 2. The former scored the 7th slot. UNIT 2 ended up tying with The WB's ANGEL for the 10th spot.
In the overall ratings picture, NBC's FRIENDS scored the highest with 30 million viewers and 18.9/31.

In showing the week's genre top ten, we also include, in parenthesis, additional necessary info. The info is as follows: (Viewers in millions/Rating/Share/Rank in programs overall)

Here's the top ten list:

1. ALIAS (10.7/6.8/10/40) [ABC]

2. THE AGENCY (9/6.3/10/47) [CBS]

3. ENTERPRISE (9.2/5.7/9/55) [UPN]

4. WOLF LAKE (6.7/4.7/8/70) [CBS]

5. DARK ANGEL (6.6/4.4/8/76) [FOX]

6. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (7.7/4.3/7/78) [UPN]

6. THE SIMPSONS [Wednesday] (6.4/4.3/7/78) [FOX]

7. CHARMED (6/3.9/6/85) [WB]

8. THE SIMPSONS [Monday] (5.4/3.7/6/88) [FOX]

9. KING OF THE HILL (5.3/3.4/5/93) [FOX]

10. ANGEL (4.8/3.0/4/97) [WB]

10. SPECIAL UNIT 2 (4.7/3.0/5/97) [UPN]


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