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Kaziklu 5/14/2013 10:26:20 AM

 The Xindi story line killed that show... hated it... instead of doing something more in keeping with the concept of the show (ie the last season) they did this crap for basically two seasons. . 

I wish Manny Coto had come on in season three, fixed the mistake and went on to produce some really neat episodes. There was lots of options. Klingons and Romulans were both options for a villianous story arch. 

Pre Military Junta Cardassians. 

There were so many options to make interesting lasting TV to add stuff like the Expanse to the show... 

The literally had a preformed world rip with story ideas and they did the Xindi...

Had Voyager head toward the Bajorian Wormhole instead of Borg space, the Xindi had the potential to be an interesting element for that show. 

But for Enterprise it was a silly thing to do... 

Ok done ranting.. really wanted to like that show. 

monkeyfoot 5/14/2013 11:35:17 AM

I didn't see alot of Enterprise but the episodes that I put in the Top Plot Twists are all the ones that explained why the Klingons changed in appearance.

In TOS they were more or less tan humans with Fu Manchus. Then they got the horsehoe crabs on the head in the first movie. It was vaguely explained in articles as genetic enhancement to compete with the Federation. Nothing more was said about it until the famous DS9 time travel episode interweaving into the Trouble With Tribbles episode where after the others are shocked by the human appearance of the Klingons Worf only says, "We don't talk about it."

I fgured it would never have an explanation until a series of Enterprise episodes where the Klingons intercepted a ship of Earth Supermen from the Eugenics War. They had been created by Dr. Soong, Data's creator and played by Brent Spiner. The Klingons added their enhancments to themselves which added a more human appearance and increased agressiveness. I didn't see all the episodes but from looking online a civil war ended with the crabheads winning. I thought this was a great way to fix a continuity error in the ST universe. 

RaithManan 5/14/2013 11:48:29 AM

Since 1974 in the infancy of syndication, I've watched Star Trek since I was 3 and I've watched it all since including the short-lived and underrated animated series, aside from watching cartoons. At that age I may not have totally understood the show, but my mom would tell me that once that opening hit, I started to hum it after a short bit.

Of course as I got older, the franchise never got tired to me. Read some of the classic comics produced by Gold Key and Whitman Comics that my mom collected and has been locked in a trunk over the years. I'm sure they might fetch a reasonably decent price if they were auctioned. Cards, novels, run of DC Comics of the series, Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise (still on top of my D & D modules), my handy Klingon Language book, movies, soundtracks and of course playing Star Trek Online daily.

Despite much people having issues with Trek being rebooted, Gene had foresight of it that possibility before he passed away and had initially signed off on it personally as long as it was done properly. Is it done properly now? Not necessarily at the moment, but its still enjoyable. I do like to see it inject a bit more of its classic Trek roots while maintaining the juice.

On a side note, @Kaziklu... I wasn't overly thrilled about Enterprise either, but I still watched it all. In hindsight, that show was really a bit of reboot because Rick Berman took liberties with events that happened before the start of the Original Series. There was no Starship Enterprise ship before 1701, but he chose to do something different with some of its beginnings and just made a mess of it anything. By the time season 4 rolled around is when it got better, but it was too little too late. And you wonder why Rick Berman got the boot after that series ended? Because the show was too haphazard for some people and he just simply just mailing it in.  They said had there been a season 5, the Romulan Conflict was the next storyline and that's a shame as that should have been tackled sooner.

My 1 main huff was Hoshi. I have never heard a woman whine, bitch and moan about space as much as she did. I was praying she would get killed every single week because she was THAT DAMN ANNOYING!!! I would rather be stuck in the fires of hell with Jar Jar Binks and he does nothing but drive me APENUTS.

Now I would love to get stuck with T'Pol. The way she reacted when she was going through her pon-farr, she made Phlox look like a nervous virgin when she was PLEADING to get down and dirty and he held his ground by refusing her. Most guys that day were probably screaming, "Why?!?"  Vulcan sexual overtones got taken to a whole new level that day.

Stressor 5/14/2013 4:00:26 PM

The sad/hilarous/ironic thing all in one is that as much as Enterprise was bungled in the first 3 seasons, it is now the only officially the only previous Trek considered canon since it takes place before Abraham's movies.  The lasting stench of Berman flushing Star Trek down the toliet at the end.

karas1 5/14/2013 5:10:22 PM

I watched both DS9 and B5.  Aside from them both happening aboard a space station I didn't see that they had that much in common.

SarcasticCaveman 5/14/2013 5:30:58 PM

 karas1 - both had captains/commanders that were considered holy by alien races, both space stations were parked next to gateways that allowed for travel far beyond a ship's capability...heck even DS9's Prophets and Pah Wraiths were reminiscent of the Vorlons and the Shadows.  Enough differences for me to enjoy both, but more similarities besides space stations.

monkeyfoot - the Dr. Soong in Enterprise was actually the grandfather of the Dr. Soong that created Data.

SarcasticCaveman 5/14/2013 5:31:59 PM

 Okay, maybe not holy, but both had commanders/captains that were important religious figures to alien races.

ztigr 5/14/2013 5:40:32 PM

Got my double feature pass for tomorrow night, yeehah!!   btw Leonard Nimoy did originally ask for Spock to be killed off in TWOK, but changed his mind.  My thought was :  What if Spock didn't come back and JJ was able to get him for the Reboot, what a coup that would have been.  I know its not the Trek I grew up with, but on the other hand, its not STV or Insurrection either.   

Z4RQUON 5/14/2013 6:26:15 PM

 I always felt DS9 was underrated

Kaziklu 5/14/2013 6:52:13 PM

 @Karas1 you didn't see a connection between the Narn and the Centari and the Bajorans and Caradassians? 

There were a few parrallels in the setting.. the stories for the most part moved away from each other... particularly with Paramont being accused of passing on B5 and then using the information given by JMS in the pitch to produce B5. 

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