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What is the Format for Writing Comic Books? OverviewThere is no concrete, formal guide to formatting a comic book script. Each writer does it slightly differently and may use a slightly different style depending on which artist he is working with. The script is basically a letter to the artist and
Directions for Making Comic Books OverviewComic books continue to hold an important role in pop culture, especially now that many of the classic series are being converted into feature films. If you would like to start your very own comic book, you may be closer than you actually think to
How Much Are Old Comic Books Worth? OverviewFiguring out what your collection of old comic books is worth is a complicated matter. Depending on which titles you own, how old the issues are, which printing you've obtained and what condition the books are in, the value of your collection coul
How Much Can a Good Comic Book Artist Make? OverviewRates for comic book artists vary from publisher to publisher, but a great many artists make a good living as comic book artists. The happiest comic book artists are the ones working for pleasure and not for a paycheck.New TalentA new artist will
How to Price Old Comic Books OverviewA box of old comic books purchased at a yard sale or flea market could lead to a profit if you know what you're looking for. The truth is, countless old comics are thrown away every year because many people don't know their worth. Grading and pric
How to Buy Old Comic Books OverviewOld comic books can be valuable, depending on the condition they're in. You can find many old comic books in local comic shops or from online comic dealers, but buying from these outlets will likely cost you a premium price. Half the fun of buying
How to Make a Comic Book Script OverviewComic book scripts combine illustrations and text that work in conjunction to tell a cohesive story. While the finished comic relies heavily on graphic elements, it all starts with the text, which not only tells the story but also guides the illus
History of Comic Books of the 1950s OverviewThe comic book was very popular during World War II because of its pro-American themes. However, as the troops came home and society changed, the comics also had to develop new themes and approaches. Many of the graphics of the crime and horror co
How to Create a Double Splash Page Comic Book OverviewA splash page in a comic book is the first chance to make a good impression and grab the reader. Splash pages normally cover an entire page but can also cover two pages. Splash pages normally are moments of revelation or great action continued fro
How to Sell Old Comic Books OverviewMany comic book collectors are in the habit of buying extra issues of comics they believe will turn into valuable collectors items so they can sell later on. Selling old comics is a way to earn a little extra money and enhance your collection as w
Homemade Comic Book Ideas OverviewMaking your own comic book is a great creative outlet for all ages.Comics do not have to be slickly drawn, larger-than-life tales of good and evil; they can just as easily be handmade, simply illustrated stories of everyday life. Write an engaging
Comic Book Inking Techniques OverviewThe art of making comic books involves a collaboration between several different art forms. Writing, lettering, sketching and design decisions must be made to form a cohesive work. Traditionally, comic book drawing is handled in two steps. First,
Ideas for a Comic Book OverviewConsidering the sheer volume of comic books available, it may seem difficult as an artist to create something original. However, by balancing trends with one's own creative impulses, it is still possible to create work of high quality that won't b
History of Comic Book Superheroes OverviewIt's hard think about the history of comic books without considering the superheroes like Superman and Batman. Superheroes became popular in the late 1930s and early 1940s. During World War II they became stars. Since then, numerous books, televis
How to Make a Comic Book in Photoshop OverviewOne of the most celebrated icons of childhood is the comic book. Comic books are known for vibrant characters, brilliant colors and whimsical plots. Creating a comic book is a great way to tell a story, and can now be done easily with your compute
When Was the First Comic Book Written? OverviewComic books have always been appealing to boys and girls, as well as to adults who recognize their future value as media memorabilia. The first comic book was written by Rudolphe Topffer, who is considered the creator of the first comic strip.The
Secrets of Comic Book Writing OverviewComic book writing is a deceptively tricky medium. Comics aren't like novels, in which you can describe a scene and a character's actions. They're also not like movies, in which you can use movement and sound to describe things for you. Writing a
How to Draw Comic-Book Muscles OverviewOften comic-book characters are muscle-bound heroes or terrifically strong behemoths--so learning how to draw basic muscle structure is an extremely important part of creating comic-book illustrations. When you're creating comic-book muscles, real
The History of the Cost of Comic Books OverviewComic books throughout history have had a minimal cost. When the industry began, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression. Throughout the course of the late 20th century, the comic-book industry raised prices to combat increasing

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