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About Abomination OverviewAbomination is the arch-enemy of the Incredible Hulk--sort of a yin to the Hulk's yang, Abomination was a spy who willingly bombarded himself with the same gamma radiation that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. The difference is that Abomination
About Hulk OverviewThe Incredible Hulk is the gamma-spawned alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner. The result of exposure to gamma radiation, the normally meek Banner's repressed rage is manifested in the form of a 7-foot rampaging behemoth with green skin. The misunderst
About Magneto OverviewMagneto is the oldest and most dangerous enemy of the X-Men. His viewpoint is diametrically opposed to Charles Xavier's belief that humans and mutants can co-exist peacefully. A Holocaust survivor, Magneto believes a war between humans and mutan
About Mystique OverviewMystique is a shapeshifting mutant assassin most often found in comics featuring the X-Men. Throughout her career, she has been aligned with mutant terrorists, the United States government and even the X-Men, but more often than not is working to
About Beast OverviewDr. Henry McCoy, also known as The Beast, is a mutant and founding member of the X-Men, appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. His savage appearance disguises a tender heart and one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known.Ori
About Angel OverviewThe mutant adventurer known as Angel is also known as Warren Worthington III, CEO of Worthington Industries and a founding member of the X-Men. Recognizable by the enormous feathered wings that grow out of his shoulder blades and movie star good
About Juggernaut OverviewThe unstoppable engine of destruction known as The Juggernaut is actually Cain Marko, the stepbrother of Professor Charles Xavier. Possessing the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut is granted the ability of simply being physically unstoppable wh
About Iron Man OverviewIron Man is the alter ego of billionaire Tony Stark. A genius inventor and industrialist playboy, Tony Stark uses his brilliant mind and engineering skills to create a suit of armor that enables him to fight crime as the invincible Iron Man.Origi
About Hellboy OverviewHellboy is a demon who, as a member of the United States government's Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), investigates, and more often than not, battles a variety of supernatural creatures both in America and around the world. His tr
About Joker OverviewThe Joker is a master criminal who has been portrayed as a sadistic murderer, a goofy trickster and everything in-between. Also known as the Clown Prince of Crime, he is Batman's arch enemy. Where Batman represents order, the Joker is chaos inca
About Two-Face OverviewTwo-Face is one of Batman's many gimmick-based villains who plots all of his crimes around themes of duality. Half of his face is handsome, the other half is hideously scarred (hence his name) and all of his decisions are made based on the flip o
About Nightcrawler OverviewA longtime member of the X-Men, Nightcrawler is known for his good nature, his Catholic faith and his teleportation ability as well as the blue fur that covers his body and his prehensile tail.BioNightcrawler was originally created by Dave Cockrum
About Jubilee OverviewJubilee joined the X-Men as something of a '90s equivalent of Kitty Pryde: some new blood needed to be injected into the team and it arrived in the form of the plasma-creating mutant teenager known as Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee.BioCreat
About Scarecrow OverviewScarecrow is a Batman villain who uses drugs and psychological tactics to induce fear in his enemies. He is a former professor of psychology who does not generally commit crimes for profit but rather to fund what he refers to as his "research" in
About Nite Owl OverviewNite Owl inhabits the world of "Watchmen," a story written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons which reflects contemporary anxieties and offers a critique on the superhero genre. Nite Owl is the resident technological genius of this alt
About Doctor Manhattan OverviewDr. Manhattan inhabits the world of "Watchmen," a story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons which reflects contemporary anxieties and critiques the superhero concept. Manhattan is the sole super-powered being in this real-world setting and is essentia
About Storm OverviewStorm is a longtime member of the X-Men known as much for her strong personality and leadership qualities as her ability to control weather. She currently splits her time between the X-Men and reigning as the Queen of Wakanda beside her husband T
About Professor X OverviewProfessor Charles Xavier is the founder of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning which aids mutants in the mastery of their powers. He is also the leader of the X-Men and a unflappable advocate for mutant rights.BioProfessor X was created by t
About Ozymandias OverviewOzymandias inhabits the world of Watchmen, a story written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons that reflects contemporary anxieties and critiques the superhero genre. Ozymandias is characterized as the "super genius" hero in the story:
About Rorschach OverviewRorschach inhabits the world of "Watchmen," a story written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons which reflects contemporary (for 1986) anxieties and critiques the superhero genre. Rorschach fits the mold of the dark and angry vigilante
About Gambit OverviewGambit is the Cajun X-Man with a checkered past as a thief and a villain. He is best known for being an irritating presence while at the same time managing to be a devilishly charming rogue. His trademark is the deck of playing cards he carries

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