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Mania Box Office Report: The Skies the Limit

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Mania Box Office Report: The Skies the Limit

Nobody does it better

By Robert T. Trate     November 11, 2012
Source: Box Office Mojo

It was a foregone conclusion that Skyfall was going to take the box office this weekend. Ian Fleming’s creation certainly earned its following with 50 years of movies. Let us say that again, 50 years of movies! Here is the official numbers from Box Office Mojo:

The 23rd James Bond movie scored an outstanding $87.8 million, which is a new opening weekend record for the 50-year-old franchise. This helped push the Top 12 to an estimated $162.6 million, which is up 29 percent over the same period last year. Skyfall's opening crushed Quantum of Solace's $67.5 million, which was the previous Bond record. It was also double Casino Royale's $40.8 million debut, which was star Daniel Craig's first outing as the infamous spy”. - Ray Subers
I personally felt that the new film was a tad slow, though still very good. However, by the end it was as if they relaunched the franchise again. With everything back in place, since Die Another Day, I’m ready for the next Daniel Craig James Bond. 

Wreck-It Ralph
Taken 2
Here Comes the Boom
Cloud Atlas
Pitch Perfect
The Man with Iron Fists
Hotel Transylvania

Next weekend is the swan song for the Twi-Hards. Thankfully, for the rest of us, we will have Lincoln to see.  


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Dazzler 11/12/2012 3:58:53 AM

I saw Skyfall.  Good movie.  I had a problem with last one with up close shaky shots that made me want to puke.  Glad to see they fixed that problem.  Story is too interalized for me.  I am still a fan of over the top villians that have a global goal in mind.  This one just a standard revenege story.  I hate to say it but I almost would have liked to have seen prequel stuff as Bond as a kid they hinted at.   Bond movies have to get over Austin Powers making fun of it and hit their benchmarks of gadets, action, Bond girls with sexual innuendos in their names.  I bought Moonraker on blu ray and watched that on my super HD 3d set, it's like watching a new movie again.  I would rather they get closer to that again.  

Hoping to see Iron fists soon.  Before it leaves the theaters. 

RobertTrate 11/12/2012 6:23:01 AM

 Dazzler, I think Skyfall was a fine mix of both old and new. Austin Powers? I don't think that even crosses their mind anymore. It probably has to do with believeablity. I'll admit that I love Moonraker too and own it on Blu-ray, however when you get that absurd you get films like Octopussy, For your Eyes Only and the View to a Kill. 3 Bonds that'll I'll never revisit again. Moonraker is so far gone that it is fun again. The originla novel was about a space satellite... Moonraker is all Star Wars. 

monkeyfoot 11/12/2012 6:36:14 AM

Skyfall was very good but I agree with Robert in that at times it was slow but still very good. It was kind of a relaunch of the already relaunched Daniel Craig Bond. But despite that and the other 007 homages paid in the movie it didn't feel like a Bond movie. The settings, style, sense of weight and even the humor were completely different from every other movie, even the previous Craig films.

I have a friend who it a big fan of all the traditional Bond stuff and I don't know it he's seen this one yet but I have a feeling he won't like it.

makabriel 11/12/2012 9:08:24 AM

I have a feeling, as a fan myself, that he will.  Especially with the amount of homages they put in it.

I do agree with the pacing, however.  It becomes very obvious that it was directed by a more... artsy director (American Beauty) than an action/thriller director.

Not saying it was bad at all!  I loved it.  But it kind of put me out of the "mood" a couple of times because of hte direction.

FilchX 11/12/2012 9:26:11 AM

 Saw it last night...loved it. wont go back and watch for your eyes only, octopussy or a view to a kill? but you like moonraper? Octopussy is just as outlandish as moonriker (can you tell i dont like mooncraper) And for your Eyes only is a wicked movie...Not all Bond films are about how big his gadgets are. And a view to a kill has Walkin as a villan what more could you ask for?(a younger Bond? maybe) 

The thing that I love about Bond is that each acter who plays him represents that era in movie making. Bond changes with the times...Craig represents now. What sorta feeling are we going to get down the line? Deepends on were the movie audiance is willing to go.At the end of the day any and all bond fans will love this has it all.

hanso 11/12/2012 9:29:16 AM

I loved Skyfall and im happy the plot was more personal than crazy guy wants to takeover the world.  And to use Monkeyfoots word, also glad they put some weight behind it.  Mendes said he pointed to The Dark Knight when he wanted to take things more dark and show that people would respond.  This is why it probably has a different feel that other Bonds.  I would imagine that Skyfall is in line with what a Nolan directed Bond would be.

My thing with the movie after thinking about it some more is that I dont get why they established Craig as a young Bond in Casino Royale but then make him old in Skyfall.  

Anyway good to see its making so much cash and hoping of the rumors of the next two are true.

Btw gottA ask you Trate, why so much play for Lincoln?  I dont mind but non genre stuff usually doesnt get so much play here.

hanso 11/12/2012 9:33:20 AM

 @Wiseguy, you win our movie game.  I was like 6 flicks behind and i pretty much missed all October for various reasons which sucks cause i wanted to see alot of them flicks.  So in conclusion, i got my ass kicked and u get 1 internet point.  

makabriel 11/12/2012 10:02:17 AM

Oh, I saw an article recently where Roger Moore called Craig the "Best Bond ever".  Pretty good endorsement..

InnerSanctum 11/12/2012 11:36:53 AM

 I really do think that it helps Bond to go on hiatis for more than a year,or two.  It becomes an event, opposed to every other year having to crank them out.  This is obvious in Skyfall.  While not perfect, and certainly not the ranks in my top five.  It seemed more like a closure for Craig's Bond.  But, he is signed to do more pictures, so I assume that now that he has gone from "new" to "middel age burn out" we will get the old Bond back.  

HANSO:  I agree, why did they make him go from young Bond to old Bond in just a few short years?  I also always wondered why it took so damn long for Bond to kill someone to get his 00 status in CR.  Craig was in his late 30's. Understandable, if they started Bond out in his late 20's.  It just seemed like an odd jump.  Maybe in a few more years we the "old" Bond would work,but this seemed a bit premature.

I think Craig has the advantage of better scripts.  His Bond has gotten a chance to do things that the other actors were not allowed.  So, I think it is an unfair comparison (considering Moore was the weakest of the bunch.  Not just in scripts, but in acting.  He has always been a little too effeminate for the role.)  

I'd really have liked Craig to have passed the torch to Fassbender.  Who could carry just as much weight, but I feel would be superior in the role.  Clining to a Bond when he is past his prime is apparently a tradition.  

hanso 11/12/2012 11:50:03 AM

 Inner, Bond's continuity has been non existent pretty much so thats why they probably didnt care about new vs old Bond when considering Casino Royale and Skyfall.  This wouldve been a great exit for Craig especially when they could've transitioned the new Bond with the characters they set up at the end of Skyfall.


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