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List of Dinosaur Movies Many people love dinosaurs: a fascination born in childhood and nurtured well into adulthood by all but the most dour grown-ups. The majesty, savagery and vision of a world before man touch deep and primal emotions in our core... but it wasn't until the m
List of 1960s Dinosaur Movies While the 1960s hardly constituted a high point for dinosaur movies--they had peaked decades earlier with "King Kong" and wouldn't hit a high point again until 1993's "Jurassic Park"--it still produced its share of memorable prehistoric creations. The 196
What Movies Has Pixar Made? Pixar Studios, which started out as director George Lucas' special-effects computer group, began making computer-animated shorts in the mid-1980s. The company's work proved popular with festival crowds and animation buffs, but it wasn't until its first ef
List of Pixar Movies Pixar was founded in 1979, when it was a branch of Lucasfilm Ltd. In the first decade of its existence, it produced animated shorts rendered on computer: clever, funny stories told in a new medium which anticipated the brilliance to come. In 1995, they pr
List of Good Science Fiction Movies Many people consider science fiction a "lesser" movie genre, but that's only because it is extremely difficult to pull off properly. When someone does, however, it transcends almost any other form of storytelling in terms of depth, complexity and profundi
How to Write a Movie Screenplay OverviewA screenplay is a movie in written form. Unlike novel writing, a screenplay must not only include the elements of good story, it needs to have proper format before any producer or movie company will bother to look at it. Any writer who wishes to g
List of Top Ten Kung Fu Movies From their early roots in the Far East, kung fu movies exploded onto the international scene in the 1970s and '80s and have been boosted by such genre stars as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The kung fu genre has its share of masterpieces, though opin
List of Kung Fu Movies Kung fu movies have a long and rich history, and like many genres they defy any notions at a limited list. Every aficionado has his favorites, and discussion of the "best" will produce more debate than consensus. To prepare a basic list, it pays to focus
How to Find a Movie Star OverviewMost everyone desires to meet a celebrity or movie star sometime in their life. People want to meet celebrities for a number of reasons -- to say they "met so and so" or for autographs, among others. It's very difficult to find movie stars; howeve
How to Write a Horror Screenplay OverviewHorror movies always draw big crowds to the theaters and fly off the shelves in movie rental establishments. People like to be scared. Writing the kind of horror script that will scare people is a challenge. There have been countless horror movies
What Can I Do to Burn Pixar Movies? OverviewIt is notoriously hard to make backup copies of Pixar movies and Disney DVDs. When a program tries to copy the disc, the computer often freezes and the disc copying aborts. There are multiple approaches to burning Pixar movies to have your own leg
Best Site for Current Movie Reviews OverviewMovie review Web sites are available on the World Wide Web, offering cinema fans a plethora of rating and sneak peek features. Current movie reviews, video clips and cast interviews abound at the Rotten Tomatoes Web site. This site features a broa
How to Write a Sci-Fi Screenplay OverviewScience fiction, or sci-fi, movies have been popular almost since movie making began. The genre's popularity grew in the 1950's with an influx of on-screen martians. "Alien," "Terminator," and the eerie "Cloverfield" are examples of the varied sub
How to Find a Movie Producer to Read a Script OverviewWriting a movie script can seem easy compared to getting the script read. Unlike book publishing, a writer can't simply submit a script to a movie producer without first being introduced and then invited to submit. Finding a producer to read your
Make Your Own Horror Mask Tutorials OverviewWhether you're using them for a costume party, role-playing games or movie and theatrical ventures, being able to make your own horror masks gives you the freedom to create custom designs while being more cost-effective than getting store-bought v
The History of Kung Fu Movies OverviewWesterners typically associate kung fu movies with their golden age of the 1970s, when the genre truly became an international phenomenon. But kung fu movies were around for many decades before the 1970s, emerging as a popular genre in Hong Kong s
How the Setting in Star Wars Was Made OverviewAlthough the Star Wars saga occurs in a galaxy far, far away, it was created by imaginative artists and filmmakers located initially in California, and later stationed worldwide. Using a range of special effects tools, these creators were able to
What Are the Greatest Kung Fu Movies of All Time? OverviewKung fu movies date back to the 1940s (and a few even earlier than that), but they reached their heyday in the 1970s, when the likes of Bruce Lee made them a phenomenon. Everyone has their own "best of" list, but a few titles stand out."Enter the
How Long Did it Take to Make the Movie Toy Story? Overview"Toy Story" made movie history by being the first feature-length motion picture created solely by computer animation. It also set Pixar studios on an unprecedented path of success, and quickly came to be regarded as a modern classic.Tin ToyBefore
What Are the Names of All the Pixar Movies? Pixar Studios revolutionized the very foundation of animated feature-length films by being at the forefront of the computer-generated animation revolution. No other production company today has enjoyed such a long streak of commercial and critical success

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