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Who Wrote the Star Wars Books? OverviewThe "Star Wars" films are enjoyed for more than just special effects, as evinced by the original film's several Academy Award nominations for quality storytelling. In terms of storyline, many top authors have written several "Star Wars" books.Jude
How Much Are My Star Wars Figures Worth? OverviewKenner Toys produced a line of small plastic action figures to coincide with the release of "Star Wars" in May of 1977. When the film became a phenomenon, more action figures followed; new waves appearing with each new film and in some cases with
List of Star Wars Action Figurines During the 1970s, marketing and toys took a huge turn with the introduction of "Star Wars" action figures. These action figures introduced popular characters from the films and made millions of dollars for the toy companies and George Lucas himself. For t
How to Create Star Wars Lightsabers OverviewBelieve it or not, a lightsaber can be created without the crystal core required of the Jedi. The most popular weapon in science fiction history, or at least a reasonable facsimile, can be produced with easy-to-attain household items. Building you
Which Star Wars Movie Made the Most Money? OverviewCounting movie profits can be tricky, especially with a series as spread-out as the six "Star Wars" movies. Inflation and ticket prices give the edge to later films, even if more people went to see earlier ones. That doesn't take video sales, tele
Star Wars Party Ideas OverviewDecades after the release of the first movies of the 'Star Wars' saga, the cultural mania surrounding this sci-fi movie series shows no signs of slowing down. For devout fans of the series, or just people looking to bond in the shared experience o
How Was the Setting in 'Star Wars' Made? OverviewThe settings in the movie "Star Wars" are deceptively tricky to discuss. Twenty years after its initial release, director/creator George Lucas re-released a "special edition" of the film, which included revamped settings, which made copious use of
In What Order Were the Star Wars Movies Released? OverviewGeorge Lucas conceived of "Star Wars" as a grand, universe-spanning epic, but even he didn't believe the films would become so popular. When making his first movie, he told a more-or-less self-contained story which took place in the middle of the
How Many Star Wars Movies Are There? OverviewOfficially speaking, there are six Star Wars movies: Episodes I through VI detailing the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. In addition to that, a number of smaller movies set in the Star Wars universe have opened over the years, most notabl
How Much Money Did Each Star Wars Movie Make? OverviewThe amount of money made by each "Star Wars" film depends on how you count it. One can gauge them solely by initial domestic gross, by overall international gross and by grosses that include various re-releases and special editions. The best metho
Star Wars Movie History OverviewThe history of the theatrical "Star Wars" movies spans over three decades and may not be over as of this writing. Though George Lucas has said there will be only six chapters in his saga, rumors persist of another three that could appear in the fu
Star Wars Figure Price Guide OverviewThe Star Wars movies created a glut of spin-off merchandise, including a very popular line of action figures. Kenner toys scored a coup by making their figures much smaller than other dolls--only 3.75 inches tall--which meant that young children c
About Star Wars Comic Books OverviewThe Star Wars phenomenon encompasses every strata of pop culture, from toys to TV shows to clothing to comic books. The latter permutation has enjoyed a long and productive history, starting with Marvel Comics adaptations in the late 1970s, but it
Types of Star Wars Watches? Star Wars invented the science-fiction summer blockbuster and spawned five follow-up movies, countless re-releases, a handful of TV shows, and an amazing amount of merchandise. There have been dozens of different series of Star Wars books, thousands of S
How to Play Monopoly Game Star Wars Saga Edition OverviewThe "Star Wars" saga enjoys both a mainstream fan base of moviegoers and a dedicated niche group of sci-fi lovers. Enjoying similar fame, Parker Brothers' Monopoly is one of the most widely played board games in the United States. Melding these tw
What is the Last Star Wars Book Called? OverviewThere are literally hundreds of "Star Wars" books on the market, with many more in the works for the future. As of June 2009, the last "Star Wars" book was the fully illustrated "The Wind Raiders of Taloraan" book, designed to appeal to graphic no
Star Wars Battlefront II Problems OverviewReleased in 2005, Star Wars Battlefront II attempts to combine first-person and third-person shooters with strategic elements. The game was popular upon release. It features vehicles, weapons and characters from the Star Wars series in an all-new
How to Make Star Wars Costumes for Halloween OverviewIf you want to make a Star Wars Halloween costume, you certainly have a lot of source material to work with, and therefore plenty of options. A black hooded robe? You're a Sith lord. Have lots of makeup? With a little time and patience you could b

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