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  • Episode: Don't You Feel Me (Season 6, Episode 6)
  • Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten
  • Written By: Alan Ball (creator), Charlaine Harris ("Sookie Stackhouse" novels by), Daniel Kenneth
  • Directed By: Howard Deutch
  • Network: HBO
  • Studio: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, Home Box Office (HBO)
  • Series:

True Blood: Dont You Feel Me Review


By Joel Rickenbach     July 24, 2013

True Blood Review
© HBO/Bob Trate
When is the last time True Blood made you cry? Summer’s sexy southern guilty pleasure doesn’t wring bloody tears from it’s viewers often, if ever, but this episode should break the dams of even the most cold hearted fang banger. I’ve said it in previous reviews- the two aspects of this show that I’ve always felt elevated the series, if ever so briefly, are the Hoyt/Jessica relationship and Eric’s farewell to Godric. We can now add another to that list. May the spoiler-phobic beware.

Terry Bellefleur was always one of my favorite characters on the show. He was a bit unstable, thanks to his post-traumatic stress disorder, but he was a genuine person, and always tried to do the right thing. He also has some of the most memorable lines on the show. Todd Lowe brought a lot to the table in his performance, and I hope to see him in many things down the road. It’s interesting that a show dominated by the supernatural has handled the issue of Iraq veterans better than most other entities. Sure, there was a supernatural bent to his storyline last year, but it was all in service to the things he did in the line of duty, and how those nightmares left him a broken man. How all of that really hit home was through his relationship with Arlene and his desire to be a good father to her child, even though it isn’t his. After seeing what was underneath the scars last season, it was hard to begrudge the character anything, even when he hired an old Marine buddy to assassinate him at a random time and place. 

Happiness doesn’t last long on True Blood, and this episode placed its pieces on the board in a way that will have you squirming the entire episode. Arlene wishes there was a way for Terry to forget the war, and live-in friend, Holly comes up with the perfect solution- get a vampire to glamor Terry into forgetting his time as a Marine. Holly contacts her Nephew’s wife’s brother’s friend (or some such), who is a vamp, to stop by and do the deed. He does, and it works, you can see the weight lifted in Terry’s eyes. He doesn’t know what transpired, but Arlene instantly can tell he is now the man she always knew he could be. The next day at work he is positively giddy, he’s even excited to take out the trash, until a bullet from a sniper cuts him down in the parking lot, and Arlene tearfully comforts him as he bleeds out on the gravel.

As a testament to just how good True Blood is this season- there’s even more gold to mine from this episode. In another touching scene, Andy Bellefleur must finally come up with a name for his lone surviving faerie child. Holly suggests he stick with names that begin with “A”, He picks Adilyn, and then she asks him to name her three deceased sisters, so she can take their names as well. Hilariously sticking with the alphabet, Andy’s daughter’s initials turn out to be ABCD. It was sweet and funny scene, and hopefully Adilyn will have more story as the season progresses.

Eric continues to cooly taunt his government jailers, only to be tormented in return. He and Pam wreak havoc on their plans to have them fight to the death, and he mocks Governor Burrell with the best line of the episode- “Awww… what’s the matter, are you mad I turned YOUR daughter into MY daughter?” For his efforts, Burrell wheels in Nora, strapped to a gurney, and injects her with his new creation- Hepatitis V, and Eric has to watch as it slowly kills her. Of course, Eric is crafty, and he exploits the master/progeny bond by having Willa help him and Nora escape. True to form, his escape brings even worse news- Burrell is spiking every new bottle of TruBlood with Hep V, and plans to use the new shipments of the synthetic blood to wipe out the entire race.

Another great scene involves Jessica being chosen for the vampire copulation study, and Jason, who is trying to infiltrate he compound, is forced to watch by the ice queen Sarah Newlin. It’s a very sadistic scene, and has shades of the inhuman things others have been made to do in the darker corners of human history.

I am purposely skipping Sookie’s arc this week. The best we get is her coming to realize she’s a “Danger Whore”, and takes advantage of a tied up Warlow. We’ll see where this goes.

Bill’s big moment this week is somewhere between the Matrix and the X-men. Once he drinks Warlow’s blood he might as well wear a cape. I expected him to make Governor Burrell suffer, but I didn’t quite expect him to rip off his head. Our main villain is already gone, and there’s still plenty of episodes left. Is sugar and spice Sarah Newlin going to ascend the throne, or is Bill going to be manipulated even further? Hopefully the last quarter of this season has more surprises in store.

The Good: R.I.P. Terry

The Bad: Dropping Lafayette’s possession before the opening credits.

The Ugly: Anything involving Sam or Alcide.

Joel Rickenbach is a curator of cult cinema at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA, and can be heard every week talking film, TV and other geekery on the You’ve got GEEK podcast. Follow him onTwitter and hilarity will no doubt ensue.


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fenngibbon 7/24/2013 1:22:03 AM

 I fully concur on the Sam/Alcide nonsense.  To be frank, whenever the weres come on, Bob Barker's old admonition to spay and neuter your pets starts running through my head.

fenngibbon 7/24/2013 1:35:01 AM

 I really, really wish the writers could get it through their heads that Warlow is a vampire fairy, not a fairy vampire.  A fish that has clown-like coloration is a clown fish, not a fish clown.  An insect eating bear that resembles a sloth is a sloth bear, not a bear sloth.  And a fairy that acquires vampiric aspects is a vampire fairy, not a fairy vampire.

I'm sorry, but for some reason that drives me nuts.  It's like that movie Dead Snow where people say the monsters are Nazi zombies.  No, they are not zombies who joined the Nazi Party, they're Nazis who died and became zombies, which makes them zombie Nazis.  Argh. 

akiraakobus 7/24/2013 4:39:29 AM

I watch episodes of this show here and there, I am not really a fan I typically just have it on in the background when there is nothing else on, and I can honestly say FUCK the Vampires, I feel no pity for them in any way shape or form and personally think they are getting what they deserve at the detention camp.

All the vampires in this show with the exception of Warlow (who ironically thinks the Vampires should be exterminated to a degree) are douche bags and either became vampires because they were either sex crazed freaks who were turned or whimps who were scared of their own mortality and have become bloodthirsty monsters who just prey on normal people.

From the looks of the preview from the next episode it looks like the Vampires are going to escape or at least attempt to escape, if they do I hope that some somehow wind with Hep C and wind up spreading it to the rest of the Vampire Population.

I remember reading a quote that rings very true "Vampires are the Preppie Kids/Douche Bags of the Monster Kingdom, you really just want to see them get their asses severly handed to them and watch them be put In their place."


redhairs99 7/24/2013 7:58:07 AM

Surprised that they followed through on the assasination of Terry story arc.  Though as soon as they decided to glamour him, I told my wife, "that'll work, but now he's not going to remember asking his war buddy to kill him at an unknown place and place, so yeah, he's dead."  I do have to wonder if he'll remain dead or if this may be the beings of the "zombie" storyline I seen rumored for several years now.

For me, Eric still continues to be the best part of this show.  I love lines like "Are you mad that your daughter is now my daughter?"  Just great stuff.

Does anyone know if Rutger Huer is coming back on the show?  Starting to miss his character a bit.

TheSilentKiller 7/24/2013 9:36:25 AM

 Niall's a pretty key part of Sookie's overall storyline. I bet he'll be back.

That line of Eric's was pretty priceless, as was Bill's removal of the governor's head. I was really hoping he'd put it on the statue though.

Also, how did Warlow go from being all Grizzly Adams last season to Abercrombie and Fitch this season?

redhairs99 7/24/2013 10:42:22 AM

 SilentKiller, wasn't he all Rob Zombie looking in the beginning of the second episode of this season too?  That's what keeps bugging me about this whole Warlow thing.

makabriel 7/24/2013 11:38:58 AM

 Anyone else feel like this episode had a season finalle feel to it?


ddiaz28 7/24/2013 1:58:56 PM

I love it when Mania won't let me post comments. 

ddiaz28 7/24/2013 2:06:40 PM

And of course it posts that one and still not my long response. WTF???

bennyhill 7/24/2013 3:05:05 PM

 A-?  This show sucks... Why do I continue to watch a show that I'm complaining sucks you ask? Out of boredom and for the T&A I guess.

Glamouring was a unique gimmick in the early seasons to exemplify how mysterious and manipulating vampires could be.  Now we can just use glamouring to erase multiple years of post traumatic stress disorder from Terry?  Very convenient for the plot...  I wish a vampire could glamour the last 4 seasons of True Blood out of my memory.

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