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The Best Family Video Game System SpecsThe Wii is manufactured by the Nintendo Company. It is its fifth home video console following the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo Gamecube. The Nintendo Wii uses DVD discs to play games, but the system memory can also store classic and downlo
How to Prevent the Wii Video Game System from Overheating OverviewAs with all types of computer programming hardware, the components inside the Nintendo Wii generate heat while they're in operation. While the Wii has built-in fan components for cooling, overheating can still occur if the device is not properly s
Video Game Systems Comparison SpecsThe Sony PlayStation 3 features a Blu-Ray optical drive that reads PS3 game discs and Blu-Ray movie discs. The system uses wireless DualShock 3 controllers. The Xbox 360 uses wireless Xbox 360 controllers and operates using a DVD drive. The system al
Cool Cheap Video Game Gift Ideas OverviewVideos games are costly, as the console, games and accessories can really add up. If you want to treat someone you know to a video game-related gift that is cheap, then there are many options to consider. You can find some great deals on video gam
The History of Video Game Designing OverviewVideo game designing began in the second half of the 20th century and came into prominence with the personal computer and invention of home game consoles. While the first designs were very rudimentary, the industry has developed into a major marke
About Video Game Design OverviewBecoming a video game designer is one of those things a lot of people think they want to do, but nobody actually knows how to do it or what goes into it. Yes, designing a video game is a creative and rewarding task; it also requires business acume
How to Make a Scratched Xbox 360 Video Game Work OverviewXbox 360 is the newest gaming system from the makers of Microsoft. Xbox 360 games offer the user a state-of-the-art experience with more vivid graphics and smoother gameplay than were seen on their previous gaming consoles. One drawback of Xbox 36
What Video Game Systems Are Best for Children? SpecsThe Nintendo Wii is the best home based video game system for families and especially children. The Nintendo Wii comes packaged with the child friendly Wii Sports and additional games are geared towards children. The system features an easy to use "C
Ironman XBox 360 Video Game Review SpecsSega of America Inc. and Secret Level released Iron Man in May 2008 for the Microsoft Xbox 360. The action game is loosely based on the PG-13 movie of the same name by Paramount Pictures. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rated Iron Man "T for
How to Get a Job As a Video Game Designer OverviewVideo game designing is now a big business. No longer is the video game world confined to arcade games at pool halls where only Pac Man was available. The video game has become a highly personalized item and is found in millions of households. If
Job Descriptions for a Video Game Designer OverviewWorking in video game design and development combines creativity and technological savvy to create exciting and entertaining experiences for players. Video game designers start with an idea, bring it to life with story, sights and sounds, and then
Principles of Video Game Design OverviewA video game's design usually determines how well the game ultimately sells. At one time, game designers may have been able to find work everywhere, but now that video games are more mainstream, major game development companies such as Electronic
How to Start a Career As a Video Game Designer OverviewVideo gaming is a growing industry and the need for new video game programmers and designers is expected to rise by 33% in the next five years. But becoming a lead designer, or a designer in general, is a difficult and long road that takes you fro
The Video Game Designing Process The IdeaThe game design process begins with an idea, just like a book or a movie. The designer is often the creative lead who comes up with the plot line that the entire game will revolve around. For example, if a designer wants to make a game where the m
Video Game Making Programs for the Computer Video games are enjoyed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the video game industry employs thousands of people and generates several billion dollars in annual revenue. The advent of the home computer allows

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