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The Walking Dead: Killer Within Review

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  • Episode: Killer Within (season 3, Episode 4)
  • Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan
  • Written By: Frank Darabont (developer), Robert Kirkman (series of graphic novels)
  • Directed By: Guy Ferland
  • Network: AMC
  • Series:

The Walking Dead: Killer Within Review

One good day

By Joel Rickenbach     November 05, 2012

For some reason, The Walking Dead has always felt like the odd man out in AMC's lineup of original programming. Maybe because it's more of a genre show; fueled by blood, sweat and tears (mostly sweat) from the geek occupation of the entertainment world. Mad Men, Breaking Bad and even The Killing seemed to be presented as higher brow offerings to the TV audience. The former two shows clean up during awards season, so much so there's a persistent rumor that AMC built a separate wing at their offices to display all that silverware. The funny thing is, The Walking Dead originally premiered to ratings that doubled the numbers of those other shows, and at this stage of its existence The Walking Dead more than triples anything else airing on the network. Yet, it still has that tag of being a show for the masses, the show that fills the trough every week, and more of us come running to feed. Fans will debate, get outraged and post on forums until they get calluses, but the show is critic proof. It's not that they trash it, but everyone knows if you want to get fed, go to The Walking Dead, but if you want deep characters and challenging narratives, go check out one of those other trophy-laden shows (Which, by the way, are both phenomenal). Well, tonight The Walking Dead raised its muddy, gore-flecked boot, and kicked down the metaphorical door. What happened tonight is as deep, harrowing and emotional as anything you have ever seen on television, and then some. Zombie killing? if you want your heart emotionally ripped out of your chest, come to The Walking Dead.
It's almost tough to talk about anything in this episode other than the last 5 minutes, but allow me to try. Besides the incredible conclusion, this episode has some very smart things going for it. Cutting back and forth between the prison and Woodbury does a great job illustrating the two worlds we are now dealing with. From chaos to an almost unnatural peace, and from survival to subsistence. Rick fights for his life, and the Governor plays golf. Oh, when these two worlds eventually collide... The other great theme is watching the structure and security of the prison get completely turned upside down. What was once a fortress is now a deathtrap. It's all the things that made the season premiere so great brought back to terrifying effect. As Rick said: "Someone is playing games", and it makes for some compelling viewing.
Ok, you sat through two paragraphs, lets get to what you really want to talk about- Could The Governor really hit a zombie with a golf ball at that distance? I remain skeptical, and am patiently awaiting the inevitable zombie golf app. Other than that, I was emotionally devastated. You? Lori Grimes was easily the most divisive character on the show. Her emotions could change like the direction of the wind. Does she want Rick or Shane? Does she want Shane to kill Rick, or Rick to kill Shane? And when Rick does kill Shane she rebukes him for doing it, even though she wanted him to do it. Right? In some part It feels like they are getting rid of a character the writers could never quite pin down. which is also a little sad, as Lori's last moments are her best, and feel true for the first time. How do you handle that? Saying goodbye to the child you've raised, and to give birth, and give your life, to one you don't know yet. And then there's Carl- How do you hand over the knife that will kill your mother? How do you pick up a gun, and put a bullet in her head to make sure she stays dead? After the gunshot rings out, Carl just numbly walks out of the room, there are zombies in the hallway ahead, but it doesn't matter, this isn't the same Carl. The cold cement structure had its way with our characters, keeping them apart until the bitter end, and robbing Rick of the chance to say goodbye to his wife. Andrew Lincoln's emotional breaking was the final straw, I think I need a week off.
This will be that episode, the one fans will always come back to and always remember, even when crazier and equally emotional things happen in seasons down the road, this is the episode when things got real. I'm not a huge fan of giving things letter grades, but it's part of the tradition here at Mania. A few weeks ago I caught some flak for giving the second episode of the season a "B", tonight's episode is a good reminder of why I hold on to those "A's".

RIP T-Dog, you were never a fully formed character, but you died like a hero.



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MrOptimusPrime 11/5/2012 6:22:32 AM

Just plain Awesome episode!!!  Man I really do enjoy getting 2 stories.....the comics and the tv show!!! 

monkeyfoot 11/5/2012 6:32:47 AM

Why can't this show just be over and done with, dammit!!!!

My heart just can't take the pain and anguish, this fear for every beloved character. And then to have all that pain, anguish and fear manifest in the of the most emotionally devastating episode of TV I've ever seen. Not just the usual pain and suffering you see on other shows but one of the most heart wrenching scenes to ever see between a mother and child.

I'm starting a campaign to get The Walking Dead cancelled 'cuz I can't take it anymore.

InnerSanctum 11/5/2012 6:36:12 AM








And, no mention of poor T-Dog's sacrifice.  Not as touching, but they gave him a heroes exit.  

My only complaint, is that this epiode seemed to be the one that got rid of the "unpopular" characters.  Last year, there was talk about how they were going to really dig into the relationship between Rick and Lori.  Guess they changed their minds.  Notice the females are dwindling?  It looks like we might be getting more new characters than the comics.  Certinaly, imagine Merle might be joining up.  

Was the first time on TV that I've heard the word "rug muncher"?  

Something that wasn't mentioned, during the golf scene, was Merle...testing the Governor.  He was seeing if he would let him leave.  Very sly and a great scene.  

Next week, they literally drink the Kool-Aid.  I have a prediction that we shall soon see a pretty young blonde find herself the victim of the charming Phillip.  After all, for those in the know, his daughter isn't not the cuddling type.  What else would make M weild her blades and do what needs to be done to the Gov?  

Wondering how they finally get Rick and the Gov to meet?  Right now, Rick has had an emotional breakdown and it is his crew going out to look for supplies.  So, they won't be meeting up soon.  


jedibanner 11/5/2012 6:50:14 AM



It was a shock to see what happend but nor really a surprise to see T-Dog's faith unfold like that. Laurie on the other hand...didn't expect to happen this soon in the new season.

In some way I feel the moment was done more out of creation of a shocking moment but I feel more could've been done with her just a bit further until they decide to bring her end like in the comic.

Both T-Dog and Laurie could've used way more screen-time then they were given, especially Laurie since she was so annoying in the 2nd season, she coulv'ed brought a new attitude in the prison but now we will never find out.

Shocking? Yes....great episodes? yes....too soon to kill the characters IMO? Heck yes.


So far, season 3 is the best in of all I think...still way off the comic book but, way better.

jedibanner 11/5/2012 6:51:55 AM

And to see Rick's reaction at then end of the episode....I dare you not to choke up a bit....

BatDan 11/5/2012 7:05:58 AM

Great episode maniacs....certainly one of the top 5 if not the top ever for this show. I too am spent emotionally after this one. Am I the only one who wanted the group to take in the nice ex-convicts? Looks like they may have earned their keep during the crisis.

I have never read the comics, as I enjoy the discovery each and every week of a new episode, but that Governor sure is an ambiguous character. He really does have a God-complex of some sort IMO. Sitting atop the mountain of what the world has become. Then again, I suppose history is littered with these types of men...just so happens this guy reigns supreme in a post-apocolyptic zombie-infested world and not some new undiscovered land of milk and honey.

Onto Lori....great gripping scene, and one that made me sick as they fished little baby Grimes out of its mother, but i am glad she's gone. With the mind-games she played with both Rick and Shane, I'd say she had it coming. Not quite sure that sacrificing yourself to allow a baby to be born into 1) an F'd up world, and 2) having to navigate thru said world without one's mother makes much sense, but hey, in the end, it was par for her course. She won't be missed...I'm thinking Rick will realize that in time. As for Carl? Ohhhhh what a dark soul he is poised to become. Did you see his expression walking out? Anyone familiar with Michael Myers? LOL

T-Dog...went out the right way. I for one, thought he would last the duration of the show's run. Oh well.

PS Did anyone else notice that poor Carol is still trapped in the prison trying to navigate out? Hopefully they will come to their senses and look for her. Females are running low on the show in a BIG way!

Discuss folks!!

BatDan 11/5/2012 7:08:55 AM

PS Love the Augusta Golf Club reference by the Governor! Plays right in to the dwindling female population comment i made.

RedHood2010 11/5/2012 7:57:19 AM

WOW!!  My household was ready for Lori to go...and we were hoping for something to say HA to, but NOOOOOOOO.  They do this and it was AWESOME.  I actually felt bad and sad.  She really shined and it was very well done and really fit their world.  And then Rick, jesus.  Very well acted!!!  AWESOME!!!

T-Dog - way to go out a hero!

I felt when they found Carol's head cover, they assume she is dead?

JonnyRotten 11/5/2012 8:02:54 AM

 How do you get to sleep after watching that one. I had to remind my kids that this is just a show, don't think about it.  Anyways, after reading the comics as well as almost every book written on the walking dead this really threw me a curve.  I kept expecting them to find Lori at the last minute,  not sure how they will ever top this episode.

T-Dog and Lori I will miss you, but now we got Axle




flyinroo 11/5/2012 8:10:36 AM

 To say this was an amazing episode is an understatement. To say I am happy Lori is dead is also an understatement. I actually would have liked to see them make a little more out of T-Dawg...especially have him see Merle again.

I had so much dislike for Lori, that I don't feel like she deserved to have her last words with her son. Certainly she didn't deserve the chance to become sympathetic in any way.

I hope carol will be found safe and sound, but I can't help but wonder why Glen needs 3 graves dug.

I can't wait to see what is going to happen with the Governor, especially when he and Rick finally meet.

This is the best season yet!

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