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Yates for Tarzan

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Yates for Tarzan

Who will be Tarzan

By Robert T. Trate     November 07, 2012
Source: Vulture.com

Vuture.com is reporting that David Yates, the director of the last 4 Harry Potter films, has committed to the new Tarzan film. The big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic character will be for Warner Brothers. 
No one is cast in the project yet. Vuture is reporting that Yates has meetings with Henry Cavhill (Superman in Man of Steel) and Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) and True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård. Don’t count out Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) either at this point. 

The film will be produced by Jerry Weintraub (Ocean’s Eleven). The film has no release date yet. 


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whiteandnerdy75 11/7/2012 8:44:48 PM

God, I'd love to see a good Tarzan flick again.  There's one that needs some spit and polish.  Most of the old black and whites are cheesy and showing their age and Greystoke was a little... meh.

thezillaman 11/7/2012 10:14:00 PM

 i'm down for a good tarzan movie. i always thought that tarzan had a good story to tell though it has not been done the way it needs to, but if this news is true this could be fucking cool..

mlaforce 11/8/2012 3:53:42 AM

I'm on board for a new and fresher Tar of the Zan...Get the seriousness of this story injected into the project, the way that Peter Jackson did with LOTR by making it seem as though this really happend to someone, make it dark but not so dark that it drives a wedge between the fine line of good story telling/demographics and atmospheric tones, visuals/ticket sales and then you will have catered to everyone, the fact that they need to sale movie tickets leaves me wondering if it should be a little light hearted  but not to light hearted...     We are dealing with a story that is dark and complex in nature and there are many times through out this story that are a bit adult oriented in theme, this is what excites me about this story, if I was a kid it would be all the jungle animals that have my attention but I'm not a kid so it's not about the animals as much as it is about the story of a lost a forgotten baby who was raised in hostile surroundings and raised to become a wild savage animal in a world unthinkable to most  people that live in what they call civilized and cultured surroundings...

What the hell, the story says it all, just make the damn movie like it's suppose to be made and don't kiddy it all up for the sake of selling a bunch of stuffed animal toys and you can't lose on this one.. Remember If we find ourselves in a  frame of mind that let'sus go on a journey and experience it as though we were there with the characters in the movie, and not simply watching the movie just for enterainment as though we were outside looking in, then you have a recipe that even the Bam master would be envy of, all kinds of bamming going on if done right, right?

Wiseguy 11/8/2012 4:49:11 AM

Man whiteandnerdy I LOVE GREYSTOKE. Lambert IMO did a great job as Tarzan

Anyway I would love to see a great Tarzan flick, been a fan since I was tyke. I still love the original films with Weismuller, watch them every time TCM plays them. I enjoy watching Jane's skinny dipping underwater shots to this day.


Wiseguy 11/8/2012 4:54:07 AM

Btw there's a cgi motion capture Tarzan film on the way too. I saw a trailer and it didn't look too great, the cgi was middling but the jungle looked great. Still it looked like it was being done with a limited budget, maybe some of it wasn't fully rendered

DarthBob 11/8/2012 5:16:35 AM

I'm surprised that it has taken this long for someone to make another Tarzan movie.  I think a well made Tarzan movie would do well and could welcome in a new fanbase for a series of movies.  Yates is a great pic for this flick!

monkeyfoot 11/8/2012 6:44:31 AM

KKRREEEGAH!!!  Tarzan bundolo!!! I think I typed that right.

Yeah, I'm also a Tarzan fan and I'm there watching the Weismuller movies also Wise. Even though they are not accurate to the books. I'd love for them to do one the way he is portrayed in the book: highly intelligent with almost superhuman abilities gained from growing up among apes. I remember about 10 years ago there was a Tarzan movie that starred Casper Van Dien that technically was very book faithful but the execution and Van Dien's portrayal were so bad I can't really watch it.

BushHog 11/8/2012 6:59:43 AM

1981's  Tarzan the Ape Man w/Bo Derek   such fond memories.

nemesis1_57 11/8/2012 9:24:29 AM

Taylor Kitsch seems like a good fit but so far his movies have been crap. John Cater of Mars, Battle Ship and the 1st Wolverine movie.

mellowdoux 11/8/2012 10:32:45 AM

 Nemesis... John Cater???

Does he provide food for weddings???

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