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  • Episode: COMPLICATIONS (Season 2, Episode 16)
  • Starring (Voice Talents): Nick Chinlund, Kelly Hu, Phill LaMarr, Stephanie Lemelin, Eric Lopez, Jesse McCartney, Danica McKellar, Khary Payton, Fred Tatasciore, Michael T. Weiss
  • Written By: Kevin Hopps
  • Directed By: Tim Divar
  • Network: Cartoon Network
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Series:


Whatchoo thinkin bout, Willis? Seriously, theres a lotta thinking going on.

By Johnny Destructo     February 19, 2013

OooBOY this review is going to be a difficult one to write. It's not my feelings on the episode that are in question, but the happenings of the episode itself! Ok, here we go, try to keep up.

The players: Black Manta (Aqualad's father, who doesn't know that Aqua is a double agent working against him). Deathstroke, the bad-ass replacement of Sports Master as the attack dog of a sinister group of ne'er-do-wells The Light. Tigress, who is actually Artemis (Sports Master's daughter) in disguise to help Aqualad infiltrate The Light. Cheshire, who is sister to Artemis…And then there is Miss Martian, the Young Justicee that is caught in the middle.

Aboard his submarine, Black Manta gives M'gann 24 hours to finally "fix" his son Kaldur'ahm, a feat that was already completed, unbeknownst to the baddies. You see, most of the important dialogue that takes place in this episode, is handled telepathically, with double-crosses and poorly timed interruptions coming at a break-neck pace. Hence the title. But while it may be somewhat wonky to explain in a review, Holy Hannah was it fun to watch. I got more enjoyment out of the back-stabbing and shell-game theatrics of this one episode then I did out of the entirety of the Bourne movies.

While Aqualad, Artimes and an inhibitor-collared M'gann try to figure a way out of their predicament, we cut to Warworld? Oh yeah, that thing is still there, just outside of Earth's atmosphere. Last time, I was impressed that this small moon-shaped thing was actually disturbing the waters of Earth, a level of reality I'm not used to from television series. So I guess I was a little surprised that the thing IS STILL THERE and, I assume…still messing up our planet just by being so close (yet the show doesn't mention that). Nightwing, Dr. Fate and Captain Atom question Beetles both Blue and Green as to what happened and where the rest of the team has been taken. Blue and Green come up with a reasonably believable Boom-Tube explanation to cover up that Jaime, under the influence of the Scarab, betrayed them and single-handedly took 'em down.

Speaking of Jaime, the one thing that still confounds me is how the Scarab actually works it's mind-magic. Does it just influence Jaime? Is the Scarab in complete control and Jaime's mind is in there just wishing it could do something? I'm curious to see if they'll ever show what BB is going through under that armor.

Back on the sub, Sports Master and his daughter Jade attempt to get revenge on the Mantas for "killing" Artemis. What follows is a whole bunch of lying, telepathy, revelations, back-stabbing and action! I've seen a mace on a chain before, but always wondered about it's practicality in a fight. Shows what I know, as SM uses that thing quite deftly, and it's pretty awesome to watch. Eventually Sports Master and Jade are let in on the secret, and help keep up with the ruse. SM and Jade escape, M'gann slips out, looking like she's been beaten but retreating, while Aqualad and Tigress get to keep their positions within the good graces of The Light.

However, skip to Cheshire stopping by to pick up her infant daughter and revealing to their mother that Artemis is alive. Something tells me that'll come back to bite someone in the tukhus.

Also, to wrap the espy up, Nightwing, having found Robin's Bird-a-Rang covered in Blue Beetle's armor-bits, finally comes to a revelation. I love how quickly this show moves. This is the opposite of how a lot of comic books on the shelves are written these days ("decompressed" and all that). I have a tendency to drift off or get bored while watching a lot of animated shows, but this one always seems to keep my A.D.D. in check!

Some of the cool: 
The best was when M'gann finally got that inhibitor collar off and was able to unleash, so to speak and brought all of the necessary parties into a mind-meld, seemingly stopping time to allow them to get it all straight. 

Some of the not-so cool:
WHY is WarWorld still allowed to sit in our orbit, blorching up our planet!?!?

No really good one-liners this go-round.

Oh, and there's a giant button labeled COLLAR CONTROL! Really? Yeah yeah, I get that it's needed, but still. Hilarious.

The wrap-up:
This was a surprisingly tense and suspenseful episode, and it the fact that this is the last season makes me want to sob uncontrollably while punching someone in the butt.


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Wiseguy 2/19/2013 4:26:39 AM

I just have to say that this and GL TAS are so fucking good that it makes me want to hate WB for cancelling them. But if they can replace them with similar caliber stories I may forgive


msglover 2/19/2013 8:38:09 AM

It's the Cartoon Network that cancelled the shows.  The CN is part of WB.  The shows are being replaced with shows that are geared more toward kids than adults (Titans Go and Batman ).  What's the logic?  Most likely money.  Never doubt the power of money.  Maybe the shows are too costly to produce and the WB are not making enough money from the shows.  Money can also come from sale of the toys and the home videos related to the shows.  The story lines for Young Justice can be appreciated by both adults and kids.  However, adults, unless they are serious collectors don't buy  toys.  The WB probably feels with a more kid friendly show then they can sell more toys and merchandise. 

egoist 2/19/2013 9:39:43 AM

 Damn these networks catering to all the snotty nosed little carpet crawlers.

JD,resist the urge to cry and punch someone in the fartbox.

fenngibbon 2/19/2013 10:59:50 AM

 I just want them to wrap up the storylines of both GL and YJ: I before they end.  Is that so much to ask?  I think not.

lazarus 2/19/2013 1:51:05 PM

According to the sources from WB/CN Fenn, that will happen actually. Everything will wrap and there will be no "loose ends" as with JLU supposedly. As to the why the cancellation, I think it is very easy to determine that with f*cking around with their schedule, intermittently and repeatingly pulling the shows has made them hard to follow. Also the powers that be at WB/CN are probably looking to gear towards a younger audience in the hope of merchandising the F*CK out of the new shows I.E. The Batman.

These are by far the best calibur shows in the comic genre put out in 10 years. if only some other network, like say, HBO or DISNEY would pick them up. They make money and are GOOD. Hell make them OD and let people PAY to see the episodes. I would pay $2.00 a week to catch YJ at least.

Lex0807 2/21/2013 4:34:49 AM

 I would not object to a series of straight-to-Blue Ray Young Justice films.... and the marketing to kids only shows WB still has not caught what makes the competition so successful: respect for all ages and the source material. Young Justice is way better than most episodes of the JLU, and has far superior animation.

johnnydestructo1 2/21/2013 7:30:52 AM

 @Egoist: I'm trying to resist. LOL "Fartbox"

@Fenngibbon and @Lazarus: Yeah it looks like everything is going to get wrapped up. Thank goodness too, there's nothing worse then a show that just cuts off mid season. At least they are letting it play out.

I'm hoping that maybe another network will pick it up, or that the DVDs will do well enough to bring it back, a la Futurama or Family Guy, but I doubt it. Let's face it, YJ just doesn't get the numbers that those shows get. What a bummer.

I still haven't checked out GL past episode 1. 

irockdiesel 2/22/2013 4:09:55 AM

Great episode... Hopefully they'll wrap things up.  And personally, I didn't like the way JLU ended.  There were still loops to be closed because I don't believe "they" died in the end.

LivinLaw 2/25/2013 5:55:34 AM

In regards to why the Warworld has been allowed to remain in orbit, I would assume that it is because Our Heroes don't have the Key to activate it and thereby pilot it away from Earth.  The Reach (who have it as a result of Blue Beetle's betrayal of the team) won't admit to having it.  Given it's size, it's unlikely any Earth government has the ability to move it, and given the fact that Superman is out in the galaxy somewhere standing trial, it doesn't appear that any hero has the physical power to move a spacestation that is larger than our moon.



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