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LittleNell1824 4/1/2009 9:23:43 AM

I'm really glad to hear all of this. I'm happy that it will be a trilogy (it couldn't have been finished in 1 book), I'm happy about the comics. I was really enjoying the Dabel Brothers New Spring comics until they just stopped... perhaps because of Jordan's illness - so the graphic novel will be perfect. I need to set up a subscription somewhere so I can get the Eye of the World comics on a regular basis.

Hobbs 4/1/2009 9:56:53 AM

Wow, must have been a hell of a lot of notes to be able to make a trilogy out of it.  At first I thought they were milking it for all they could until I saw your comment Nell. 

I only read the first one in that series a very long time ago.  I was never blown away by it to read the rest.  For the fans I'm happy you'll be able to put your series to rest.  Granted the style you are used to is going to be very different. I just hope you don't end up with Brain Herbert type of writer.

LittleNell1824 4/1/2009 11:30:35 AM

Hey Hobbs, yeah, I think I would worry more if Harriet wasn't the editor, but she is, so it will probably stay close to his vision.

After reading Terry Brooks when I was younger, I was pretty much done with epic fantasy until this series. I really love short stories best when it comes to fantasy and science fiction. But, we were on a long car trip, so I decided to read out loud to my husband from a book he was reading. I was blown away by Jordan's descriptions and how real his fantasy world seemed. It wasn't just "they went through the evil swamp." With his writing, I could smell the salt air and the way it feels coming in towards a coastal city from the river. It just seemed like fantasy for grown ups, and I was hooked.

I also love the mythology references (anthropology was my first degree pic, but I honestly couldn't imagine making money from it), and the whole cyclical world view... his books play in with my love of world religions and cultural beliefs, the origins of myths, and what people do when their belief system is challenged or doesn't seem to suit their current reality.

I totally understand the criticisms some people have for the series. I don't think he was milking it - I think he wanted to move on and write something else, but he was a perfectionist and he was compelled to finish it the only way he thought was best: with as much detail and as many plot detours as possible. Fans, like myself, love the minor characters. It reads like a real history of battle. Everyone knows the major battles of World War I and II, but they don't know all the minor conflicts and players that influenced the outcome. Jordan brings in the minor characters and skirmishes and makes them real. It's his love of history that makes me love the books.

DarthAndrea 4/1/2009 3:45:18 PM

Well Brandon Sanderson has projected that the full novel of A Memory Of Light will be around 800k words long (roughly double the size of a collected volume of Lord Of The Rings) so publishing that in a single volume isn't really feasiable. As far as notes go, before Jordan died he had written a good portion of the novel himself, and left extensive notes on what was to happen. In reality it's a monumental task for him to step in and finish this book.

And it's kinda of ironic that the book has to be split like this. When Jordan origianlly started The Wheel Of Time, he intended it to be a 6 book series. When He finished book 3 he relaized it wasn't enought room so he expanded it to 8 novels. by book 6 he did it again to 12. So AMOL being split expanding the full series to 14 is just honestly just another effect of a masterwork of epic fantasy.

goldeneyez 4/2/2009 5:48:42 AM

I agree with LittleNell about this actually being a good thing.  A lot of other people have been complaining on various Wheel of Time pages (Dragonmount &, however there are some who agree with the descision (I guess LittleNell, myself, & I'm guessing DarthAndrea would fall into that category). There were really too many things going on to tie up in one book.  Moraine, the split White Tower, split Black Tower, Camelyn thrown situation, Borderland lords doing God knows what, Seanchan, Mat & Tuon... and that's just off the top of my head after not reading the last book for some number of years.  There's a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting I know.  Hopefully three volumes will allow Sanderson to wrap everything up in a non-rushed way as he says he would like to do on his webpage.

I would also recommend checking out his other books in the mean time if someone is looking for something to read.  I'm on the last volume of his Mistborn series & it's pretty good.  His other novel Elantris was also a good single volume fantasy story.  I think he also has an entire novel available for free on his website called Warbreaker.  After reading some of his work, I think he's a good fit for finishing off the Wheel of Time.  I will miss RJ though.  Can't wait to RAFO.

karas1 4/3/2009 4:35:29 AM

Hobbs, I wasn't really impressed with the first book either.  It felt a little derivative to me.  But the second book quickly branched out into original territory.  The whole series is really great.

LittleNell1824 4/3/2009 6:21:55 AM

Yeah, Karas, he said he planned that. He wanted to introduce the series on familiar ground for fans of the genre and then tell his own story. I missed the whole derivative thing - thanks to the car trip, I started at book 3. I probably wouldn't have made it through 2 chapters if I started with book 1 (Yawn, same ole story, yokels from BFE save the world with the help of a wizard and a warrior.) I'm really glad I didn't miss out.

DarthAndrea 4/3/2009 10:22:45 AM

The Eye Of The World does plod along a bit at times. But it's a wolrd building book. Stylistlicly designed to be like Fellowship of the Ring so the reader has a subconcious grounding to the world. So it has certin action beats with a lot of slow parts between. However The Wheel Of Time isn't a story of people. Jordan himself said it's a Story Of A World (in this case our world) seen though the eyes of it's most importiant people at a critical moment in it's history. I said it's our world because Jordan's premise is that the events of the story are what our myths and legends are built from and our history is what their myths and legends are built from. Time being circiulare and all. Here is a link to a series of Postings I have made on Chuck Dixon's (Dc Comics Robin Writer among other works) forums. He is writting the Comic Adaptation of the Eye Of The World comic which is being published by Dable Brothers Publishing and starts release with tits first issue Dragonmount #0 April 29th this year.



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